rsaf black knights


It was a lively Saturday morning at the Changi Exhibition Centre where family members of serviceman and servicewoman gathered together for the Republic of Singapore Air Force’s [RSAF] 45th Anniversary Family Day celebrations.

Thanks to the gracious invitation from the RSAF, we had a very fun and enjoyable time commemorating the RSAF’s 45th Anniversary and we certainly had learn a lot more about the RSAF through the static display and the various enriching exhibits that are put up by the RSAF. If you are heading down to the Singapore Airshow 2014 in the coming week, don’t miss them out!

The little kids eyeing on the One Force Application that is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

At the static display ground, aviation enthusiasts can look forward to 17 types of RSAF aircraft and weapon systems.

Key highlights of the static display include the F-15SG, G550-AEW, SPYDER Air Defence System, and as well as the Heron 1 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle [UAV] and Hermes 450 UAV. Other aircraft types on display include the F-16D+ and the F-5S/T fighter aircraft, C-130 Hercules transport aircraft, AH-64D Apache attack helicopter, CH- 47D Chinook, and Super Puma helicopters. Other ground-based air defence systems on display include the Mechanised IGLA, I-Hawk, RBS-70 and Mistral.

To highlight the RSAF’s journey through the years, there will be a pavilion where visitors can learn more about the RSAF.

The RSAF Pavilion comprises three distinct zones: Zone 1 – Our Air Force Heritage and Transformation, Zone 2 – Experiencing our Air Force Capabilities, and Zone 3 – Our People, Our Tribe. These three zones will provide visitors with a better understanding of the history and transformation of the RSAF and it will also showcase the 3rd Generation RSAF’s operational capabilities and people.

Apart from learning about the rich heritage of the RSAF and the exciting developments that are underway, we even had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to board the RSAF CH-47 Chinhook for a scenic flight from Changi Air Base.

It was an interesting experience onboard the RSAF CH-47 Chinhook as we had a stunning view of Singapore and some iconic landmarks such as Gardens By The Bay and the Marina Bay Sands. The professional RSAF Pilot and Air Crew Specialists hosted us with great care and it was definitely an experience of a lifetime.

Here’s one exciting piece of news for all of you!

If you have already bought your entrance tickets to the Singapore Airshow 2014, you can register at the RSAF Facebook Page to try your luck and ballot for tickets to ride on the RSAF’s C-130 Hercules Aircraft or the CH-47 Chinook Helicopter and enjoy a bird’s eye view of our island state.

Ending the day on a very positive note, the key highlight of the RSAF45@SA is the aerial display by the RSAF Black Knights. Though the RSAF Black Knights is not a full-time aerobatic team, the Black Knights’ performance is definitely world-class.

We witnessed the aerobatic team’s precise and spectacular manoeuvres in action while at the same time, experienced the thrilling adrenaline rush as the engines from the F-16C Fighting Falcons roars away.

If you are visiting the Singapore Airshow 2014 next week, here are 3 tips that we think will be helpful:

1. Wear a cap, bring along a mini-electric fan, and drink lots of water as the weather can be quite hot.

2. Get as close as you can to the aerial display site so that you can take lots of pictures but don’t forget to bring along a zoom lens.

3. To enhance your visiting experience at the RSAF45@SA, download the One Force Application that is available on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. You can stand to redeem some exclusive RSAF goodies at the RSAF Pavilion.

We would like to thank the wonderful team of servicemen from the RSAF whom showed us around and hosted us with warmth hospitality!

Last but not the least, Happy 45th Anniversary RSAF!