red bull paper aeroplane


Forget cockpits, jet engines, and the sweet smell of kerosene. All it takes is an ordinary sheet of paper, a throw away from national glory, and the promise of an awesome adventure.

Image Credits to Red Bull Content Pool

Tens of thousands of self-trained pilots will put their extraordinary skills to the tests, in more than 80 countries on four continents for Red Bull Paper Wings; the world’s biggest and most exciting paper plane contest. The recipe for success requires a strong dose of exceptional folding abilities as well as creativity, imagination, and a grasp of basic aeronautic rules.

Image Credits to Sebastian Marko/Red Bull Content Pool

A total of 7 qualiflyers [pun intended] in Singapore will take off from 10 March in various tertiary institutions, where aspiring paper plane pilots can fly their way through to the National Finals on 1 April to be held at the Singapore Management University. This is the 4th edition of Red Bull Paper Wings globally, and the 2nd time that this one-of-a-kind competition will return to Singapore.

A star-studded jury will pick the best of the best in three categories; most aerobatic flight, longest airtime, and longest distance travelled by their paper planes.

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