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Jacqueline and I were very privileged to have been invited to A Night of Magic at Raffles Hotel Singapore with Joe Labero and it was really a delightful time for the both of us; especially when the both of us are so busy tying up the loose ends for our upcoming wedding.
It is not the first time that Joe Labero has performed in Singapore, especially after his resounding Incanto performances held at Resorts World Sentosa in 2013 and A Night of Magic held at Raffles Hotel Singapore in 2014.

Returning to Singapore with a brand new fiery show in 2015 and assisted by the hottest guest performers and fire artistes, the Burnt Out Punks; Joe Labero continues to put up such a fantastic show that we were indeed mind-blown.

Our Personal Opinion/Review of A Night of Magic at Raffles

The first illusion/magic trick that Joe Labero performed during the show left a pretty lasting impression on us because Joe Labero suddenly appeared on a gigantic motorbike out of nowhere. This was one of the many tricks that left us scratching our heads trying to figure out how on earth he did those outrageous and unbelievable tricks.

To avoid spoiling the surprise for you, we won’t reveal any more details but really, some of the illusions are very spectacular and you will be very surprised. However, I have to admit that some of the tricks performed by Joe Labero are quite common and have been performed before by other magicians too.

Nevertheless, with a number of illusions that are quite awe-inspiring and spectacular, you just have to watch this four-time Merlin Award Winner’s hypnotising illusions that will leave you bedazzled.

Don’t miss this chance to catch Joe Labero live in action as he will only be here in Singapore for just 3 more shows!

If you are interested, you can book your tickets through SISTIC.

Event/Show Summary:

What: A Night of Magic at Raffles
Who: Joe Labero and the Burnt Out Punks
When: 29 April @ 7.30pm, 1 May @ 7.30pm, 2 May @ 7.30pm
Where: Jubilee Hall @ Raffles Hotel Singapore
How: Tickets are priced from SGD$75 onwards through SISTIC