Prepare for car road trips


Let’s face it, road trips are awesome. If you have a free weekend and you’re not sure what to do, then a road trip is always the answer. It’s essentially an adventure that takes you on a journey of discovery. It’s a way of seeing things that you may not have ever noticed before on your usual trip to and from work – and that’s the point. You opt for the scenic routes that add an extra thirty minutes onto your travels. You stop at a local cafe for a nice bite to eat and a refreshing drink to enjoy; and you pull over on the empty road to take the best selfie next to that funny road sign. – It’s the little things you see. Those are the things you remember and cherish in your memories; and better still, you can do it surrounded by the ones that you love.

Before you do hit the road though, there are a few things that you will need to do and prepare so as to lessen the risk of something going wrong.

Here’s how.

Have an extra jerry can, or two.

The last thing that you want to happen is to break down in the middle of nowhere and be forced to get in touch with the nearest towing services to come and save you. So make sure you fill up your fuel tank before you head out. But if you want to be extra safe, then fill up some jerry cans while you’re there and keep them in the trunk of your car. This will just add that sense of security knowing that if ever you do plan on going further out, you don’t need to stress about breaking down because you have a couple of cans to fill up your car with.

Have a multipurpose charger in your car.

Not that you’ll be looking at your phone while you’re on your road trip – but bringing a charger is always a good idea in case you need to get in touch with someone in the event of an emergency. Now, of course, there’s the possibility of having no service, which is out of your control, but what you can control is having enough battery to do whatever necessary in terms of contact. You can buy a car charger that has multiple heads on; which is always a good move because it means there are options in case other passengers have a different phone or gadget than you.

Have enough water to last.

Water is one of the most important things. Our bodies need it in order to survive, so it’s wise to bring some big bottles of water with you. If you have a cool box – even better, as you’ll be able to keep it fresh and cold this way. If not, do all you can to keep it out of direct sunlight. And whenever you do find somewhere to pull over, be it a gas station, small shop, or bathroom – refill the used bottles so that you’re never short of a drink.