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The COVID-19 epidemic has put the entire world in an indeterminate state. Among other things, there have been disruptions to how we usually live our lives from day to day. The greatest disadvantage has been the inability to share physical moments with some loved ones.

However, amid the chaos, there are services termed essential. This is because they are inevitable needs and they help in one way or the other to contain the situation. Pressure and power washing services fall into this category.

For instance, this service has been shown to reduce the chances of the virus spreading and it goes a long way in disinfecting the environment. This is in addition to ensuring that the cleaned spots look good and better than ever.

In this article, we will answer some questions regarding the use of these services, especially in Pensacola. So, just in case you have a terrace, balcony, wooden floor, fence, or any other areas that may benefit from this service, do keep reading.

If you reside in or around Pensacola and you’re seeking for a good Pensacola pressure washing company, this article will prove helpful.

What Is the Difference between Pressure and Power Washing?

Pressure washing is sometimes referred to as power washing. The major difference between both is the use of heat. Power washing requires a more heated release of the soapy content and water from the spray gun. On the other hand, pressure washing places more emphasis on the pressure with which the spray is delivered.

Having established this, let us see how both procedures work in the next question.

How Does Pressure and Power Washing Work?

They require the use of cleaning tools and more importantly, a spray gun that releases the soapy solution and water into the area to be cleaned. This is done quickly with some force.

The pressure of the delivery helps remove hard stains like mud, growing plant residue, dust, and loose and unwanted paint. For more information on this subject, you can visit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pressure_washing

Where can Pressure Washing be Conducted?

If you are observant, you will notice that power washing machines are always included in a well-equipped vehicle cleaning company’s list of equipment. In such an environment, this cleaning technique is used to clean hard to reach parts of a vehicle or spots with difficult stains. Such parts include the radiator, the parts above the tires, and even the car body.

Other than its relevance for cleaning vehicles, the procedure can also be conducted on commercial and residential buildings. Several parts of these places can benefit from a deep and effective wash.

This cleaning technique is a great option for reaching parts of the building that you normally cannot clean. For example, the use of the spray gun ensures that the building’s exterior is well taken care of.

Other parts of a residential or commercial building that can benefit from a power or pressure wash include the windows, terrace, parking lot, poolside, the interior, patios and decking. For more information on things that can be power washed, you can check here.

How Frequently Should You Power Wash a Building?

Because of the intense and effective outcome of the procedure (when conducted properly), you do not need to do it very often.

Cleaning a commercial or residential building with this cleaning technique once or twice a year is very sufficient. This is unlike what you will have with other cleaning procedures such as soft washing.

When Should You Avoid Power Washing?

As helpful as this cleaning process is, you must be certain it is the ideal method for your project. The major determinants here are items or areas to be cleaned, and as well as the weather condition.

Machines such as automobiles can always benefit from this cleaning method. This is because of their exposure to lots of unwanted particles when on the move.

However, because of the enormous pressure of the spray gun when in use, it can be damaging for some items. You may therefore have to opt for soft washing alternative if this is the case.

For example, some glass windows are very fragile and delicate. Such items require a cleaning process that is subtle but effective. Also, if you choose to pressure wash any item made of fabric, ensure that the material is thick enough for the process so as to avoid wear and tear.

Furthermore, although pressure or power washing can be used all year, it is more effective in humid environments as compared to cold environments. This means that during the winter season, this cleaning process can be very hectic to conduct.

Given this, it’s important that you know when to power wash or pressure wash as this will go a long way in determining how effective the procedure will be.

What Are the Benefits of Pressure Washing for Businesses and Residential Buildings?

Below are some of the advantages of pressure washing for businesses and residential buildings:

Makes the Right Impression on Clients

Your company’s physical look creates a lasting impression on your clients, consciously or unconsciously.

Customers are likely to conclude that a company that cannot take care of its appearance cannot be trusted with greater things. For this reason, you should see this process as something critical to the success of your company.

Promotes Good Health

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic, there has never been a more important reason for such services.

By engaging the services of a good company, you protect yourself, your staff members, and as well as clients. This is because the cleaning process can go a long way in disinfecting your work environment from the virus.

Cleans Effectively

This cleaning method can do much more than you can imagine. It can wipe out hard to remove stains that other cleaning methods cannot.

Also, places that are hard to clean like concretes, exterior walls of the building and etc., are handled with ease. This is because the pressure from the spray gun can easily dislodge stains and grime.


When you add up the numbers, you will realize how economical this method is. For one, it is not something that needs be repeated over and over again.

When conducted properly once or twice a year, you will see massive results when compared to the cost of carrying out soft washing over and over again.

On a Final Note

Pressure or power washing is something you should consider doing at least once a year. While it cleans up your surrounding for an exceedingly long time, you will also be protected from many harmful microbes.

However, to get the right results, you must engage a good company. This way, you’ll be assured of the proper cleaning of your surroundings.