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In celebration of its 40th anniversary, Plaza Singapura has partnered with Cold Storage to organise an inaugural epicurean event that will be taking place from 22 October 2014 to 2 November 2014 at the mall’s Main Atrium on Level 1.

Presenting an array of international gourmet delights, “Flavours of the World” will feature an oyster bar, exquisite meat carving stations, an extensive selection of beers, ciders and wines, and as well as the exclusive launches of new-to-market food and beverage brands and products.

In addition to indulging in freshly shucked oysters, Wagyu beef, and gourmet sausages, visitors can also enjoy wine tastings, live jazz performances, and interactive games during the event.

Wine connoisseurs can look forward to sampling new and exclusive labels such as Terra Vega from the award-winning Chilean wine producer Luis Felipe Edwards, while beer lovers can anticipate the arrival of the limited edition and highly sought-after Rekorderlig Winter Brew, which is making its first appearance in Singapore at the event.

This is the first time Cold Storage is organising a live gourmet event of such a scale in a shopping mall and there will be many special offers that visitors can look forward to.

What We Think Of “Flavours of the World” Event?

It is truly a world-class “Flavours of the World” event as we saw many food and beverage brands and products from all over the world. We enjoyed ourselves very much and it was a very delightful time to indulge in some freshly shucked US oysters that are going for SGD$15 for 6 pieces.

The tantalising and exclusive Hoegaarden Rosée beer is also available on tap at the event and you have to try it because this raspberry infused Belgian white beer is very refreshing!

Just in case you are wondering, you will be able to purchase the Hoegaarden Rosée beer can for the coming Christmas season and it is only exclusively available on-the-shelf in Cold Storage.

There are also quite a number of special offers for wines, beers, and ciders, and with Christmas just 2 months away, it is a pretty apt time to stock up on some booze and end the year with a big bang.

We also bought some chips that are exclusively available at Cold Storage and if you are a big fan of truffle fries, the Torres Black Truffles Chips is simply irresistible!

As the event is open to public, the walkways might be a little tight and crammed but it is all worth the effort because there are many remarkable offers that are truly a first! If you are a UOB Cardholder, you will be entitled to a 5% rebate on all spending.

“Flavours of the World” will be ongoing from now till 2 November 2014 at Plaza Singapura’s Main Atrium on Level 1 from 10am to 10pm daily. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to get some awesome deals!

The UN defines ‘youth’ as persons between the ages of 15 and 24 years and having celebrated my birthday yesterday, I am officially no longer a youth. In other words, I am in my mid-20s and this is perhaps the turning point of my life where marriage, starting a family, and no more partying comes into play.
On this note, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those whom have made my birthday an awesome one.

To My Dearest Jacqueline [a.k.a Baby]:

Thank you for being the Chief Organiser for my birthday celebration. You have done so much for me that I am really thinking hard about how I can make your upcoming birthday celebration a blast! Though we both agree that Tajiyama at Vivocity would have been a much better place to dine at, I really enjoyed having dinner with you at Rocku Japanese Charcoal Grill Restaurant. The lovely birthday card that you handmade for me is so real that a lot of people thought that we were going to fly to Taiwan yesterday. I really appreciate all that you have done for me and thank you for the unconditional love and blessings that you have showered upon me.

The Tiramisu Cake that Jacqueline bought from Four Leaves

From Melvin’s Birthday 2013

Japanese Charcoal Grill Dinner at Rocku, Bugis Plus.

From Melvin’s Birthday 2013

It’s my third time dining at Rocku and to be honest, the quality of the food has dropped. A normal weekday dinner buffet at Rocku cost $32.84 per person and we decided that after this dining experience, we would probably stick to Tajiyama at VivoCity [although Tajiyama is slightly expensive].

From Melvin’s Birthday 2013
From Melvin’s Birthday 2013

The Lookalike Scoot Boarding Pass Birthday Card and Famous Amos Birthday Cookie.

From Melvin’s Birthday 2013

Everyone really thought that I was going to fly to Taiwan last night when I posted a photo of the lookalike Scoot boarding pass birthday card on Instagram. The idea for the birthday card was cleverly thought out by Jacqueline and she’s amazingly creative in making cards and gifts. Maybe she should start a business selling handmade cards. With that said, we would probably be travelling to Taiwan next month if nothing disrupts our plan.

The Famous Amos Birthday Cookie is really tasty and sweet. However, it might be a little too sweet for certain individuals. For me, I like it a lot!

From Melvin’s Birthday 2013


To My Encouraging Family Members & Relatives:

Thank you all for celebrating my birthday last Saturday at Beppu Menkan Japanese Noodle Restaurant. Over the last 25 years of growing-up, all of you have been my pillar of encouragement and I really appreciate all of your presence during last Saturday’s gathering. Truly, as the saying goes, “No family is perfect. We argue, we fight. We even stop talking to each other at times, but in the end, family is family, the love will always be there”.

From Melvin’s Birthday 2013

The Awesome Swensen’s Ice-Cream Cake that My Brother Bought

From Melvin’s Birthday 2013

I have dined at Beppu Menkan Japanese Noodle Restaurant a couple of times in the past and I really like their food. They used to have many outlets in Singapore but it seems that the outlet at China Court is the last surviving Beppu Menkan Japanese Noodle Restaurant.

From Melvin’s Birthday 2013

The pricing is average and the service has room for improvement. Nevertheless, if you’re into super duper spicy ramen noodles, Beppu Menkan Japanese Noodle Restaurant is the place.

From Melvin’s Birthday 2013


To My Supportive Brother and Cheryl:

Thank you to the both of you for taking some time off to hold a separate birthday celebration for me at The Straits Wine Company last Saturday. I had a relaxed time chilling out with the both of you over a bottle of Italian Moscato D’Asti and a bottle of New Zealand Merlot Red Wine and I really enjoyed myself.

From Melvin’s Birthday 2013

The Straits Wine Company is honestly my favourite place to chill out. As a matter of fact, both Jacqueline and I frequent there so often that we have bought more than 20 over bottles of wine till date. The cosy ambience is really inviting and personally, I like The Straits Wine Company because it is a really lovely place for sipping glasses of wine while chatting with friends. Furthermore, The Straits Wine Company’s wine collection is vast and the price is rather reasonable. In fact, we’re planning to engage them to supply bottles of wine for our wedding banquet unless there’s other distributors that provides the greatest value for money.

From Melvin’s Birthday 2013


To My Awesome Cellgroup Members:

Despite not having seen you all for such a long time, it was really nice of you all to plan a surprise dinner for me at Manhattan Fish Market. I had a really fabulous time catching up with you all and I do look forward to more meet-ups and catching-ups. Thank you all for the lovely hoodie that keeps me warm at work.

Here’s a Photo of Me Wearing the Hoodie that my Cell Members Bought

From Melvin’s Birthday 2013

I’m no stranger to Manhattan Fish Market and they have always been my favourite place to dine at. When we dined there for my birthday, they had a Fish and Chips Set Meal Promotion that cost $10++ and it includes a soup or ice-cream and a drink. The portion size is really huge and it is really value for money. Having tried a few variations of Fish and Chips in Singapore, I personally feel that Manhattan Fish Market’s Fish and Chips is the best!

From Bugis+ Food Trail 2013


To My Friends On Social Media [Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Blogosphere]:

To be honest, I am really overwhelmed by the number of birthday wishes on my Facebook Timeline and though we hardly meet/see each other, I really do appreciate all of your well-wishes. Thank you for not forgetting me!

With this, I would like to end off by saying a big ‘thank you’ to all of you whom have made my birthday a really joyful one.

Meanwhile, do check out my very first song cover, “Telling the World” by Taio Cruz. This was the same song that I sang for Jacqueline when I proposed to her last year. 🙂

God bless!

It has been more than 2 days since we last blogged and we have been really busy over the last few days as we were hosting our relatives whom came all the way from England to Singapore for a short holiday. Therefore, in our few upcoming blog entries, we will be sharing about the itinerary that we planned for our relatives and also the activities that we have planned for them. And yes, thank God we’re still alive and kicking and that 21st of December wasn’t the end of the world [EOTW].
Also, we would like to offer our heartfelt congratulations to Saralyn and Jason as they have won a Frezfruta Hello Kitty Promotional Pack and a Bottle of Moscato D’ Asti by G.D Vajra, Italy, in the giveaways that we recently conducted respectively.

Anyways, the recent scandal about Zoey Raymond that we blogged about has drawn quite a lot of attention and Zoey Raymond has temporarily disabled her blog at www.zoeyraymond.com. As of now, only Zoey Raymond’s Twitter, Facebook Page, and Youtube Channel are available and she has not given her side of the story till date. Well, slowly but surly, the buzz about the scandal is slowly dying out and it is pretty heartening to know that Yuki Ng has moved on and is slowly on the road to recovery. With that being said, it is pretty odd that the limelight has been thrown entirely on Zoey Raymond and not Alvin Yang. After all, he should give everyone a clear explanation of his position right?

Anyhows, that is besides the point. Our blog entry today is about the movie [Jack Reacher] that we recently caught with our relatives at Golden Village [GV Plaza Singapura] and before we share about what we think of the movie, we do have some feedback about the theatre at GV Plaza Singapura, specifically Hall 6, and we hope that GV Plaza Singapura would take note of them:

While we do understand that GV Plaza Singapura screens multiple movies and the turnaround time for the theatres are pretty tight, cinema-goers like me would really appreciate that basic hygiene expectations are met i.e. the floors and seats are free from popcorns and litter and the seats are wiped and sanitised. In addition, for some reason, the atmosphere/air of Hall 6 has a pretty bad musky and damp smell and I really hope that GV Plaza Singapura would look into this matter and resolve the issues promptly.

Alright, so here’s the plot of Jack Reacher [as extracted from GV‘s Website]:

When a gunman takes five lives with six shots, all evidence points to the suspect in custody. On interrogation, the suspect offers up a single note: “Get Jack Reacher!” So begins an extraordinary chase for the truth, pitting Jack Reacher against an unexpected enemy, with a skill for violence and a secret to keep.

Our Review of the Movie:

The movie is pretty exhilarating and I would say that its genre is more of thriller than action because of its mind-boggling storyline. In fact, we are still quite baffled over certain scenes of the movie and by the way, the movie is an adaptation of Lee Child’s 2005 novel One Shot.

As certain scenes are quite repetitive, the movie can be quite draggy at times. If you have caught Wreck-It Ralph already, you might want to catch Jack Reacher if you haven’t got any other plans. And well, if you’re a fan of Tom Cruise and you like movies that keep you in suspense, catching Jack Reacher might be a good choice.

Here’s the Movie Trailer:

Also, it’s Christmas Eve today and we hope all you Winsomelifers will have a fabulous Christmas week ahead! Do grab the opportunity to spend some time with your loved ones and here’s wishing all of you a Merry Christmas in advance!

Stay tuned to more updates from us and God bless!

Hello Everyone,
today I am going to introduce to you this restaurant called, “Nanxiang Steamed Bun Restaurant” or “?????” in Chinese.

How We Ended Up At Nanxiang Steamed Bun Restaurant?

As Baby and I decided that we would be heading to the Flea Market at the Singapore Arts Museum after our dinner, we decided to walk around Plaza Singapura in search of a good dining place for dinner. Initially, we wanted to go to Lao Beijing to eat but due to the overwhelming queue, we decided to head one level down and ended up at the shop front of Nanxiang Steamed Bun Restaurant. Though we still had to queue, we didn’t mind as we were second in line and the food looked pretty tempting. In fact, we waited for about less than 10 minutes when we were brought to our seats.

That’s Me


That’s Baby


Some Interesting Information About Nanxiang Steamed Bun Restaurant

To preserve the culinary standards of Nanxiang in Shanghai. their kitchens here are helmed by veteran Chefs from the original restaurant in Cheng Huang Temple! The restaurant offers a unique interior decor theme that features the iconic Chinese bamboo baskets used for steaming buns.

Restaurant Service

The level of service rendered by the service staffs were average. Upon showing us to our seats, the waitress asked if it was our first time dining there. We said, “Yes!” and the waitress then proceeded to explain to us how we could go about ordering our food and even recommended us some of their well known dishes.

The Dishes that We Ordered

Our Appetiser


Peanuts that cost $1. You can choose not to have it if you don’t want it.

Homemade Beancurd


This dish is a recommended dish by the Chef and we decided to place an order for it. The beancurd was nicely fried and the fillings inside the beancurd were very fragrant. To me, it seemed and tasted like another kind of Dim Sum but really, we found this dish to be quite unique.

Pan-Fried Dumpling


I have tried many pan-fried dumpling from many Chinese restaurants and I must say, the pan-fried dumpling that Nanxiang serves is pretty good. Usually, when I dine at other Chinese restaurants to try their pan-fried dumpling, their dumpling either ends up over-fried or under-fried, but for Nanxiang, their pan-fried dumpling is fried just nice. Over-fried dumplings are very hard to chew and the skin is hard while under-fried dumplings tend to be overly-glazed with oil.

Crabmeat Steamed Bun


This dish is also recommended by the Chef and YES, YOU HAVE TO ORDER IT! When the steamed buns arrived on our table, we could smell the lovely aroma of the buns and we started to salivate. As we all would know, “xiao long bao” is a very delicate food and it must be handed with care so as to savour the natural juices of the filling in the bun. For this particular dish, the juices that ooze out of the fillings were very tasty and flavourful.

Minced Pork Noodles


The minced pork noodles is cooked with black bean sauce and the taste of it reminds me of home. Why so? After eating a big mouthful of noodles, it really reminded me of the black bean fish that I always eat for dinner at home. If you are looking for something that taste rather homely and light, you might just want to try this.

Golden Fried Rice


This is really a sweet and spicy tasting dish. In fact, I have to admit that this have to be one of the best-tasting fried rice I ever had. The servings of pork floss were very generous and the fried rice was extremely fragrant. Although the fried rice might have a “sambal” taste, there really isn’t any sambal added to it. The sweet taste comes from the pork floss while the spicy taste comes from the powdered chilli. This dish is perfect for those who wants something filling and good-tasting.

In Summary

In total, we spent $47.79  and because there is a 10% discount for DBS Cardholders, our final bill was $43.47. Its definitely a pretty reasonable price to dine here.



For more information about Nanxiang Steamed Bun Restaurant, you can visit their website <– here or follow their facebook group <– here.

Bon Appetit!