pet friendly places


People go to great lengths to transform their homes into cosy and inviting spaces where they can relax and feel completely safe. But when you think about the comfort and safety of your family members, it’s important to remember that they are not all the same. Some require special care and have different needs than yours. We’re talking about pets, of course.

Pet owners would do anything to keep their furry companions happy, and that includes creating an environment that will suit their needs. It’s not enough to buy them toys, take them for a walk in the park or cuddle them. If you want your pet to live their best life, you must make sure your home is just as comfortable for them as it is for you.

It can be a challenge to keep your house clean, stylish and pet-friendly at the same time, but there are a few tricks that will help you check them all off your list:

Choose A Comfortable Bed

Cats and dogs usually love to sleep with their owners and most owners love it too. But experts say it’s better for both you and your pets to have separate beds. Since you have to spend your snoozing hours apart, make sure you purchase a plump and soft bed for your pet; one with a washable cover would be even better.

Create A Safe Den

Do you like spending time in a cosy nook reading, eating or just daydreaming? Guess what? Pets love nooks as well, but their interests might differ slightly from yours. In the spirit of privacy and intimacy, it’s a good idea to create a safe den for your pet, so that they can have their own cosy space to hide and relax whenever they feel like it.

Buy Toys

Pets need to be entertained as well. If you won’t take care of that, they will find their own means of entertainment that will probably involve destroying some of your décor and personal items. To protect your belongings, purchase toys and chews for your pet. That will keep them distracted and maybe they will spare your slippers or curtains.

Get Breakables Out of The Way

Pets are like toddlers; they have the magic ability to knock, push and break everything in their path. So if you know you have precious and fragile objects around the house that they can easily reach, do yourself
and your pet a favour and put them in a safe place. That way, you’ll make sure your valuables will stay in one piece and your pets won’t run the risk of injuring themselves.

Put Chemicals Away

The same rule applies to potentially toxic substances. All your cleaning products represent a real hazard for pets. Keep all these products in a closed cabinet where your pet can’t find them. Also, consider using
pet-friendly cleaning products, as some of the substances you use to clean your house can be absorbed by animals and can lead to serious health issues.

Hide Wires

Wires and pets are also an unfortunate combination. Some animals might find them interesting and try to chew them up. Of course, you can’t eliminate the wires, but you can avoid leaving them hanging around your house. A better option is to cover them with protective wraps. It’s cheap and easy and you’ll have one less thing to worry about.

Choose House Plants Carefully

If you have a green thumb and love plants and pets equally, you must know that they don’t always go well under the same roof. Some house plants can be dangerous for animals if they are ingested. Aloe, lilies, ivies, and tulips are just some examples of plants that are toxic to dogs and cats. When you buy your plants, make sure you choose pet-friendly flowers and plants. A little research on the internet will help you decide what’s safe and what’s not.

Keep Garbage Covered

If you know that your furry friend is a bit nosy and likes to go treasure hunting, be cautious and always keep your garbage bins covered. Otherwise, you might come home one day and find all the trash scattered through your living room. Not to mention that they can ingest all kind of dangerous items or chemicals that were in the bin.

Install A Cat or Dog Door

A little independence doesn’t hurt though. Installing a door for your cat or dog can save you a lot of hassle since you won’t need to let them in and out yourself anymore. If you decide on installing one, go for an air-tight door. Your pet will be happy to run around free in your garden whenever they like.

Create A Cleaning Station

Having a wash station for your pets is the best chance you have at keeping your house clean and tidy.

Animals are like magnets for dirt. When they come inside after a walk, the last thing you’ll want is to see them run around the house and jump directly on your sofa and pillows. So a clean-up station with a sink and a hose can save the day.

Ditch the Carpets

You can have the cleanest pet in the world, but a rug will still be a hot spot for animal hair, bad odours, and bacteria. Why don’t you save yourself the trouble of constantly cleaning the carpets and choose tiles or hardwood floors instead? They’re much easier to care for and they also look good. But if you still don’t want to give up your carpets, choose ones that are easy to wash. Indoor-outdoor rugs are probably the best option.

Store Food in A Safe Place

Animals don’t really know when to stop eating. If they can find food, they’ll eat it, whether it’s pet food or human food or even food wrapping. To avoid temptation, store pet food in a closed drawer or cabinet and make sure you never leave food out on the table or on your kitchen countertops.

We hope you have found one of these tips helpful and if you have any other tips to suggest, do feel free to comment below!