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Singapore is truly a must-visit destination because it offers an exciting and interesting travelling experience; although sometimes the price to pay can be a little too high. In order to enjoy Singapore at an affordable price, travellers should book their transportation and accommodation online and make the most out of various promo codes and coupons. Moreover, when traveling in Singapore, the adventurers at heart can fully enjoy themselves at a lower price, if they follow these money saving tips:
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1. Booking Accommodation Through A Specialised Website Like booking.com

For the best accommodation deals in Singapore, it is advisable to consult a website for booking hotels and other similar accommodation. The best of such websites is Hotels.com, which offers an exquisite amount of accommodation possibilities for any place in the world, Singapore included. Travellers can make a telephone call or create an account and then search for the most affordable hotels, apartments or resorts on the desired dates in the year. to get the most out of the website, one can indicate the desired hotel class and guest rating, as well as the preferred facilities within the accommodation. Once all of this has been decided, detailed descriptions of all available accommodations in Singapore will be presented and one can choose the most appropriate option. Hotels.com also offers reviews from previous visitors, so travellers can get acquainted with these first-hand impressions on a place of stay and be certain of the sincerity of its overall review score. When choosing a district of stay in Singapore, it is advisable to look specifically in the area of Little India, where lodgings are especially affordable.

Bunc Hostel @ Little India

2. Careful Planning Of The Transportation

Another vital point to consider when travelling in Singapore is to book for a cheaper form of transportation so that you can save some money for other activities. The most inexpensive option is to book for a transportation with Avis, a company which specialises in providing travellers with easy car rentals. All one needs to do is to indicate the pick-up location and the location of return, the dates and times of the pick-up and return, and then proceed to select a suitable vehicle. By renting a car from Avis, one can save money and have complete freedom in deciding exactly what landmarks in Singapore to visit, and also when to visit. Furthermore, using the available coupons and promo codes for companies like Avis will further cut the travel costs in Singapore and ensure that travellers can get the best discounts.

3. Careful Consideration Of The Choice Of Food And Drinks

In Singapore, it is advisable to avoid alcohol, fancy restaurants, and as well as bottled water, because they can be quite expensive. To save money, it is best to drink from the tap, which is considered safe, and if you wish to, drink alcohol only during happy hours, as there are many discounts and offers available during the happy hours period. For inexpensive meals, one can turn to the local hawker centres, wet markets and Chinatown, all of which offer delicious food at reasonable prices.

Chinatown Complex Food Centre

4. Finding Free Fun

Visitors can find many different activities in Singapore which are free of charge, but yet interesting. For anyone who enjoys exploring the nature, entrance to the Singapore Botanical Gardens is free of charge and there are many unique native flora that you can find there. Culture enthusiasts can enjoy free concerts and occasional art exhibits at the Esplandade over the weekends. At Marina Bays Sands, travellers can take pleasure in amazing light shows and experience the wonders of Singapore at nightfall.

Singapore Botanical Gardens

Do you not have enough time to complete your daily errands and chores?
Got an urgent need to have an item picked up and delivered?
Need to arrange someone to meet and greet your guests at the airport?
Looking for someone to show you around Singapore and plan a customised travel itinerary?

Need someone to run an errand because you have other important matters to attend to?

Well, look no further because we are here to help you with the following personal concierge services.

Errands Running

Whether it is shipping an item overseas, gift shopping, delivering urgent mails and items, bringing your dog out for a walk, or even planning a birthday party, you can count on us to make things work. We will ensure that your needs are met and that you will find satisfaction in allowing us to help you save time from doing the chores that bothers you. Our rates are pretty reasonable; so if you’re interested, do pop us an email at concierge@awinsomelife.org and we will attend to you as soon as possible. The lifestyle services elaborated below are by no means exhaustive; hence, if you have any special requirements or requests for other errands, you can drop us a mail too and we will see how best we can assist you.

Urgent Mail/Item Delivery Services

We know how hard it can be when you sometimes need to get some urgent items delivered but you aren’t able to do so either because the Post Office is already closed or the Post Office is just too far. So, if you have urgent mails or items to be delivered when the Post Office isn’t available, you can always count on us. Item or mail pickup service is also available.

-Maximum weight for items to be delivered should not exceed 20KG

Who is it suitable for- E-Commerce Shop Owners i.e. Carousell, Lazada, Qoo10, E-Commerce Customers, Business Owners

Events Planning and Coordination

Planning a birthday party can be quite an arduous task especially when there are so many things such as catering, guest list, and venue, to look into. What’s probably even more difficult is coordinating the event when you have to host your guests at the same time. Hence, why not leave the job of planning and coordinating to us so that you can just enjoy the entire day with your guests without worrying about the nitty-gritty issues. If you need some entertainment for your event, we know the best magicians, bands, and artists who can keep your guests occupied!

*Cost of fringe activities are not included and have to be paid for in advance by the client

Who is it suitable for- Busy Executives, Parents, Expatriates.

Walk the Pet/Pet-Sitting

Forgotten to feed your pet while you’re away from home? Going on a holiday but no one around to take care of your pet? Well, fret not because you can trust us (a pet-lover and a dog owner) to care for your pet! Whether it is for a day or a week, we will make sure that your pet is well taken care of when you’re not around.

-Includes pickup and sending back of pet from/to any locations in Singapore

*Pet food is to be provided for by the owner

Who is it suitable for: “Pawrents”, Families, Executives, and Expatriates who are travelling overseas and need someone to take care of their furry friends.

If you or anyone you know are/is interested in the lifestyle services that we’re providing, do drop us an email at concierge@awinsomelife.org and we will be more than happy to assist you.