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Both Jacqueline and I frequent town a lot and whenever we drive to Far East Plaza, we will pass by two majestic black and white colonial bungalows that serves contemporary sumptuous Straits Peranakan cuisine.

Image Credits to INDOCAFE – The White House

To be honest, it has never occurred to us that we will be dining at INDOCAFE – The White House until one day, we had the privilege of dining there and even as we are churning out this blog post, we can still recall the warm hospitality that we received from the staffs and the delicious Peranakan food that we had.

Classic Penang Otah

  • full of flavour
  • a very unique dish
  • a little too salty

The Classic Penang Otah is a delicately steamed egg custard with fish fillet that is generously seasoned with freshly squeezed coconut milk and INDOCAFE – The White House’s special blend of herbs and spices.

Ngoh Hiang

  • very crispy and very fragrant
  • goes well with the sauces

Crispy homemade five-spice meat roll wrapped in soy bean curd skin and deep-fried.

Kueh Pie Tee

  • truly a classic
  • one of our favourite dishes

Crispy ‘Top Hat’ pastry cups filled with shredded sweet turnip served with crab meat and accompanied with homemade chili dip.

Ikan Masak Merah

  • not as spicy as we thought it to be
  • sweet and tangy tasting

Pan-roasted cod fillet in red chili sauce.

Kari Kapitan

  • richly flavoured
  • chicken was tender and moist

Penang Peranakan chicken curry.

Ayam Buah Kelauk

  • quite exotic tasting
  • heavily flavoured

All-time Peranakan favourite braised chicken with black nut and exotic spices.

Babi Pong Teh

Pork belly braised in fragrant soya bean paste and aromatic spices.

Chap Chye

Penang-style stir-fried mixed vegetables with pork skin and shrimps in fermented bean curd sauce.

Home Recipe Bubur Cha Cha

  • a must to have after the dinner!
  • richly flavoured and just of the right sweetness

Traditional Nyonya dessert soup of yam, sweet potatoes, sago, and banana in a mixture of rich coconut milk and palm sugar.

Our Personal Review & Opinion Of INDOCAFE – The White House

The ambience of the restaurant is really cosy and it offers the much needed privacy for guests to unwind from the bustling and fast pace of city life. The staffs were very meticulous and helpful and they went the extra mile to ensure that we were comfortable.

Image Credits to INDOCAFE – The White House

Though the Straits Peranakan cuisine is infused with an ingeniously contemporary touch; fresh spices, superb culinary techniques, and a broad variety of staple Straits-Peranakan ingredients remain central to each dish.

Spices are carefully ground with traditional pestles and mortars to draw out the heady aromas and tantalising flavours, while distinct Peranakan ingredients such as coconut milk make an appearance in both savoury and sweet dishes such as the Classic Penang Otah and Home Recipe Bubur Cha Cha.

If you are craving for some Straits Peranakan food, you can embrace the culinary and cultural delights of Straits-Peranakan heritage to your heart’s content with INDOCAFE – The White House, a delightfully unique gem in the heart of Singapore.

For more information, you can check out INDOCAFE – The White House Official Facebook Page!

INDOCAFE – The White House
35 Scotts Road, Singapore 228227
Telephone: +65 6733 2656
Email: enquiry@thehouseofindocafe.com
Operating Hours: 12pm – 3pm / 6pm – 10.30pm Daily