PA Water-Venture Singapore


A few weekends ago, I completed the 4th and final leg of the Reservoir Discovery Series [RDS] that was organised by the People’s Association [PA] Water-Venture and I had an enjoyable time with other fellow kayakers.

The final leg of the RDS took place at Kallang and the journey that we had to kayak was 10KM in total. From the PA Water-Venture Centre at Kallang, we kayaked to different checkpoints such as the Singapore Sports Hub, Gardens By The Bay, and had numerous opportunities for some awesome photographs with the city skyline as the backdrop.

The advantage of kayaking in the reservoirs is that the waters are relatively clean and you need not worry about getting saltwater into your eyes. Also, the waters in the reservoir are quite calm and easy to kayak without needing much force; unlike in the sea waters where you have to paddle against strong tidal waves.

If you are new to kayaking and would like to explore it as a new hobby or sport, the RDS is very suitable because the pace is slow and the distance is manageable. The kayaking route is sub-divided into various checkpoints so that kayakers can take a breather to hydrate themselves and appreciate the beautiful scenery.

Safety is a top priority at RDS and great care is exercised by the instructors to ensure that the kayakers are paddling safely. In fact, a safety and conducting brief is done prior to the activity so that all participants are aware of the kayaking route and the safety measures in place.

Since we were kayaking on the day that the National Day Parade Rehearsal was taking place, we had a glimpse of the canons that were used for the 21-gun salute.

The RDS is frequently organised by PA Water-Venture and if you would like to find out more about the programmes and activities that PA Water-Venture is organising, do “like” PA Water-Venture’s Facebook Page!

Lastly, don’t worry if you are enrolling for the RDS alone. You will be paired up with another kayaker and you will get to meet new friends like I did!

Happy Kayaking Everyone!

Recently, we had the opportunity to participate in the PA Water-Venture’s Reservoir Discovery Series and we had such an extremely unique experience that we just could not wait to rave about it.

The People’s Association Water Venture [PA Water-Venture] Reservoir Discovery Series [RDS] is an annual kayaking series which provides a recreational platform for those with no kayaking certification or kayaking experience to pick up the sport and gain water confidence along the way.

Back for its third instalment, RDS 2014 will feature four kayaking trips at four different reservoirs each week from 17 May 2014 to 28 June 2014.

5km paddle at Jurong Lake, 17 May 2014, Completed
6km paddle at Punggol Waterway, 31 May 2014, Still Available for Sign-Up
8km paddle at Lower Seletar, 14 June 2014, Still Available for Sign-Up
10km finale at Kallang River, 28 June 2014, Still Available for Sign-Up

Being a seasoned kayaker ourselves [we have previously done a Round Island Kayaking Expedition with the National Cadet Corps a decade ago], we daresay that the RDS is relatively simple for anyone whom has absolutely zero kayaking experience. Even though the distance to kayak might seem a little bit intimidating at first, the pace at which the whole kayaking session is being carried out is relatively manageable.

Furthermore, the waters at the reservoir is relatively calm with little disturbance and hence allows beginners to kayak smoothly. Just in case you are wondering, the RDS is also suitable for children. The minimum age for the RDS is 10 years old, as of 1 Jan 2014 and the child must be accompanied by an adult at all times and shall put on a personal floatation device that is of good fit while on the water.

We participated in the first leg of the RDS at Jurong Lake and the distance that we had to kayak was 5 kilometres [KM]. There, we got to enjoy the scenic sights and we also learnt about the history of the Jurong Lake.

Yup, we saw a giant lizard feeding on its prey.

We also saw birds nesting in the trees.

We had the rare opportunity to kayak in the waters at the Chinese Garden and Japanese Garden.

The upcoming second leg of the RDS will be taking place at the Punggol Waterway this Saturday, 31 May 2014, from 0930am to 1230pm and if you are interested to participate, do sign up early as vacancies are limited!

You can register for the RDS via https://one.pa.gov.sg/ and search for “Reservoir Discovery Series” under “Activity”.

If you are a Passion Card Member, you are entitled to a 5% discount off the public rate. Upon completion of each leg of the RDS, you will also receive a finisher medal.

The great outdoors and scenic kayaking routes will be a fun and exciting time for you to bond with your family and friends and the calm reservoir waters will also provide an excellent opportunity for you to pick up a new sport and practice the basic techniques of kayaking.

As for us, we will be participating in the third and last leg of the RDS and if you happen to be there, say “hi” to us and smile for our camera!

Till we meet our kayak again!