organic potato chips singapore


We were recently given some samples of Viva La Papa!’s exotic snack chips and we really love it to bits! Available in 5 different flavours, the chips are all natural and gluten free. The best part is, they contain no transfat and artificial addictives.

With my current diet regime which consist of a banana, a cup of ice-milo, and a kiwifruit for breakfast and lunch, the hunger pangs would sometimes set in and cause me to have cravings for some savoury snacks. Hence, this is where chips can come in handy to last me through to dinner time.

However, as we all would probably know, chips such as Ruffles, Lay’s, and Pringles [just to name a few], are often loaded with calories and artificial flavouring but with Viva La Papa!, you can be rest assured that the chips are of the highest quality.

The 5 different flavours of potato chips that Viva La Papa! has to offer are Andean Pink Salt Potato Chips, Anticucho BBQ Potato Chips, Chillies & Lime Potato Chips, Exotic Sweet Potato Chips, and Andean Native Potato Chips. Having tried all 5 different flavours, I really like all of them because each of the different flavours have unique tastes that can cater to everyone.

Andean Pink Salt Potato Chips

If you’re the salty kind of person whom enjoys healthy savoury snacks, the Andean Pink Salt Potato Chips would best suit you.

Anticucho BBQ Potato Chips

Fans of BBQ chips would definitely love this one because the smoky BBQ taste of the chips is so aromatic and flavourful.

Chillies & Lime Potato Chips

The Chillies & Lime Potato Chips are not really that spicy and it has a taste that is quite similar to Thai Chilli Sauce. Spicy, sweet, and sour, the Chillies & Lime Potato Chips definitely tickles the tongue.

Exotic Sweet Potato Chips

If you’re still not convinced that potato chips can be healthy, you definitely should go for the Exotic Sweet Potato Chips. We highly recommend the Exotic Sweet Potato Chips for the health enthusiasts whom want to shed some weight.

Andean Native Potato Chips

For that really authentic Peruvian taste, you should definitely go for the Andean Native Potato Chips.

Viva La Papa! selects the most delicious and sustainable varieties of native potatoes and other roots for their hand-cooked chips. The potato originated in Perú thousands of years ago, and hundreds of colourful and nutritious varieties are grown by Andean communities to this day.

Viva La Papa!’s chips are packed in stunning packaging that features classic textile colours and lively Andean locals. Cooked by hand in small batches with no artificial ingredients or genetically modified organisms, the product range is also gluten free and Kosher accredited.

Available in 142g and 42g bags through Le Bono Collection in Singapore, Viva La Papa!’s chips are also available at Real Food. Café. Grocer Books, SPR MRKT, Swiss Butchery, and The American Club.

Also for every bag of chips that are sold, Viva La Papa! makes a contribution to the Andean children’s charity, Amantani. This wonderful organisation provides schools and boarding houses for under-privileged children in remote Andean regions.

Now, not only can you eat healthily, you will also contribute to making life better for the under-privileged children in remote Andean regions! 🙂

Go for some Viva La Papa! Potato Chips now!