nerf challenge singapore


Two Sundays ago, we had the privilege of participating in a NERF Community Challenge that was organised by Bishan Community Club [CC] and it was a very tiresome affair [at least for me]. Having not kept my physical fitness up to par, the NERF Community Challenge was indeed challenging but exhilarating.

All participants had to form teams of three and everyone battled it out, displaying fortitude, agility, and teamwork in two exciting categories; the Family Tournament, for participants between the ages of 8 to 55; and the Youth Tournament, for participants aged 15 to 35.

Who says the young ones can’t keep up with the older ones!

Each intense match lasted a total of ten minutes and the team that amassed the most number of points by planting their team’s flag at the opponent’s home base advanced to the next round.

In order to plant the flag, teams must first obtain the license by shooting it down before they can plant the flag.

The blasters used during the tournament were the Nerf Elite Strongarm, the Nerf Elite Rough Cut 2×4, and the Nerf Firestrike. All blasters and Dart Tag darts were provided for by the event organiser.

Teams who participated in either categories stood the chance to walk away with a NERF RapidStrike. The other participating teams also walked away with vouchers from Starbucks, one of Bishan CC’s newest tenants.

Check out a short video of the NERF Community Challenge that I participated at Bishan Community Club

Truly, NERF is fast becoming a community and social activity as seen at the launch of the new Bishan CC. It is not only a healthy activity, but one in which families and friends can be active and have fun at the same time. To be honest, I do have plans to organise a NERF War soon and it will be a format that is somewhat similar to the one that I played at Bishan Community Club.

If you’re still thinking of some really unique ideas for a Christmas Party, why not consider hosting your own NERF Christmas Party? All you have to do is find a big space, gather some boxes to use as covers for protection, rally your friends, and buy some NERF blasters for a NERF-ing good time!

Question is, do you have the NERF for it? 🙂

For more information about NERF, do check out Hasbro Singapore’s Website!