Jewel Changi Airport is becoming quite the hot place to go to during the weekends and if you are looking for some uniquely Singaporean gifts to get, one retail shop that comes to our mind is Naiise Iconic!

Since its humble beginnings in 2013, Naiise has grown tremendously and is now one of the largest and fastest-growing design retailers in the region. With more than 25,000 products from more than 1,000 emerging and established designers from around the world, there’s definitely something for everyone!

When you arrive at Naiise’s shopfront, you will notice that its entrance is decorated with circular wood carvings which might seem like, “it’s just another design” but when you look at it for some time and ponder deeply, you will soon realise that it has a subtle meaning behind it. If you still don’t get it, think about the scales on Singapore’s iconic Merlion. These wooden Merlion scales are handcrafted by local artisans and the wood comes from locally-sourced fallen Rain Trees, also known in Malay as the Pukul Lima or “5 o’clock Tree” as its leaves open during the day but shut when sunset comes around.

Once inside the shop, there’s just so much stuff to explore, experience, see, feel, touch, and taste that you probably will need an hour or so to truly appreciate the different zones that have been thoughtfully crafted. If you’re planning a visit to Naiise Iconic, there are 3 Key Experiences that you shouldn’t miss!

Naiise Iconic Key Experience #1: The Pantry

Photo Courtesy of Naiise

Step into Naiise’s first foray into the Food & Beverage (F&B) scene with The Pantry, an open-source cafe that connects diners to interesting homegrown F&B brands such as Nuude by Udders, Joe & Dough, Bettr Barista, Doki Doki and Fossa Chocolate. With The Pantry, you can now “cafe hop” to these local F&B brands at just one location and what’s more, the prices for the food and drinks are pretty reasonable.

Photo Courtesy of Naiise

If coffee’s not your cup of tea, you can hop over to the Tea Bar operated by local tea aggregator Teapasar and sample quality teas from more than 30 brands, get educated on farm-to-table teas, and catch a glimpse of tea roasting happening live at the bar. The Tea Bar also provides tea sampling services where you will be served teas based on a combination of your taste preferences and technology-enabled taste profile recommendations.

Naiise Iconic Key Experience #2: The Gift Bar

Photo Courtesy of Naiise

Check out Singapore’s first in-store Gift Bar where you can customise gift wrapping on the spot by choosing from more than 100 gift wrappers, ribbons and other accessories. From just SGD$3, select from more than 100 different gift wraps, ribbons and accessories like dried flowers and pom poms to truly make your gift personalised. The Gift Bar also provides free wrapping services and other customisation add-ons such as calligraphy services and wax seal stamping.

If you are looking to customise some products for your loved ones, The Gift Bar offers on the spot jewellery engraving, hot foil stamping, and perfume label customisation. These services are provided by Naiise in collaboration with The Mindful Company and perfumier, The LAB Fragrances.

If all that doesn’t entice you, pop by the ana tomy, a notebook maker whose artisans will customise notebooks for you on the spot or head to the upper floor for a more intimate and luxurious experience where you can get your own personalised skincare product that’s created by homegrown skincare brand Alche{me}.

Naiise Iconic Key Experience #3: The Workshop

A regular component of Naiise’s retail-experience since its founding includes its monthly workshops, talks and events. The Workshop space at Naiise Iconic play hosts to weekend craft workshops for consumers, as well as a series of curated monthly talks and events to promote dialogue and collaboration among its community of designers, makers and consumers. If you’re in need of some inspiration or if you’re thinking of taking up a new hobby or interest, The Workshop at Naiise Iconic is the space for it!

Some upcoming workshops to look out for are the Introduction to Floral Embroidery and Miniature Wheel Pottery Workshop!

In Summary

Boasting the largest selection of locally designed products and souvenirs with more than 140 local brands stocked, Naiise Iconic should be the first stop for tourists to Singapore! Even if you’re not a tourist, there are so many things that you can see and do at Naiise Iconic and if you ever run out of ideas for gifting (like I always do), head down to Naiise to get some really Naiise presents!

Feeling creative and artsy today? Having a headache shopping for Christmas gifts for your artsy friends? Well, with Naiise, your worries are over because they have a wide selection of designer products that are not commonly found in Singapore.
Founded in early 2013 by Dennis Tay, Naiise is a company that hopes to better people’s life through design. With the belief that design can be relevant to everyone and that design can come in all shapes and sizes, whether high or low priced, Naiise stocks designer products across many product categories.

In lieu that Christmas is fast approaching, we have shortlisted 5 really cool, functional, and unique gifts that you might want to consider getting for your family and loved ones!

Velity Cubed Whiskey Stones Set, SGD $29

Enjoy a few drinks without the dreaded dilution with Velity Cubed Whiskey Stones! With the Velity Cubed Whiskey Stones, alcoholics can now say no to watered down spirits and yes to mouth watering flavour! These soapstone cubes are non-porous, so they won’t absorb any substances that come into contact with them! Perfectly designed for everyday, the Velity Cubed Whiskey Stones Set makes a suitable gift for all your alcoholic friends.

Rei Camera Bag by Aide de Camp, SGD $349

Aide de Camp bags are designed to combine both style and utility, supporting the modern woman and her busy lifestyle. Designed by Michele Ng, Aide de Camp camera bags are lightweight and comes with spacious compartments and removable padding, ideal for women who want to carry camera gear and personal items in a discreet and fashionable way.

Rei Camera Bag boasts a sleek silhouette, ideal for stylish dinner parties and evenings out. This sleek, compact bag still makes room for a DSLR camera or a mirrorless four-third camera and lens. Get the stylish and fashionable Rei Camera Bag for your female shutterbug friend.

Lazerwood Keys for Apple Wireless Keyboard, SGD $64.90

Started in Seattle by designer Erick Waldman, Lazerwood is the first maker of beautiful, real wood skins for your favourite gadgets such as the iPhones, Beats headphones, and Apple Keyboards, all without detracting from the gadgets’ beautiful design.

Available in walnut or cherry wood, these thin adhesive-backed wood pieces adhere to the keys firmly and the characters and symbols are laser cut with beautiful precision. A suitable gift for the Apple fanboy/fangirl.

Snakkes Wall Lamp by Danish Design Co, SGD $569

Snakkes is a wall-mounted LED “speaking” board that is created to light up the wall and to write a text or comment on with a white board marker pen. With Snakkes, you can now save the planet, express your mood, and say it with light! “Snakkes” in Norwegian means “talk to you later”. It would be something you would say to someone when parting from them or leaving a message. An extremely pricey gift but a suitable one for your very artsy friends whom have just gotten his/her Build-To-Order [BTO] flat.

Havana Breeze Shoe Bag by Shubacs, SGD $35

Shoe bags need not always look drab. With Shubacs’ collection of shoe bags that are specially designed to complement your fashion sense while bridging the different roles you play in life; whether from work to gym or from school to the soccer field; it’ll fit right between work and serious play. Constructed in hardy canvas, this shoe bag is perfect for sailing the high seas, with enough room to carry your footwear and some extra space for a towel and a change of fresh clothes. Now that’s something to get for the fitness buffs!

Happy Shopping!