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I wasn’t taught how to use a razor blade properly and when I first started using the razor blade, I had my fair share of cuts and nicks. After a few more bloody attempts, I totally gave up on using the razor blade to shave and I made the switch to an electric shaver.

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So… a long time ago, I bought my first expensive electric shaver, the Braun 760 CC and it cost me quite a bomb. At first, I really enjoyed using the electric shaver and because the purchase came with the Braun Clean and Renew System, I could get my electric shaver automatically cleaned, charged, lubricated, and dried; all at the push of a button. However, what irks me over time is the fact that I could still feel my facial hair with my bare hands even after shaving. It also doesn’t help when I tend to wake my wife up every morning when I shave due to the loud noise that is generated by the electric shaver.

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Recently, I was re-introduced to wet shaving; and this time, thanks to Christian Mueller who is one of the third generation owners of MÜHLE, I grabbed some quick wet-shaving tips from him and I now enjoy wet-shaving using the R 89 Twist Safety Razor from MÜHLE.

If you are clueless and new to wet-shaving, here are some tips that I have gotten from Christian Mueller to help get you started!

1. Get everything you need to have a complete wet-shaving experience.

You will need a shaving bowl, shaving cream, shaving balm, double edge safety razor, shaving towel, and shaving brush. To get everything you need, the price can range from a few hundreds to a few thousands and because you have decided to invest heavily to achieve an entirely clean baby-face shave, make sure you get products that are dependable and are of high quality.

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If you have sensitive skin like I do, using a single flat blade razor would be better than a 3-blade razor (e.g. Gillette Mach 3) or 5-blade razor (e.g. Gillette Fusion) because a single flat blade razor will create lesser stress on the skin. Also, avoid using mass-produced shaving skincare products (for e.g. those shaving creams and shaving balms that you can find off-the-shelves at the local supermarket) because more often than not, they contain low-quality ingredients and chemicals that can be harmful and cause irritation to the skin.

2. Prepare your skin for the shave.

To get a smooth and painless wet-shaving experience, it is extremely important to thoroughly prepare the skin before shaving.

Use a towel which is soaked with comfortably hot water and tap it on your face to open the pores and soften the facial hair for about 1 to 2 minutes. Then, lather some shaving cream onto your face with a shaving brush.

The shaving brush combined with the shaving cream helps to prepare the skin and the facial hair for the shave. The lathering of cream on the face with the brush massages all the goodness of the cream into the skin and it makes the skin and facial hair softer. The brush also brings the facial hair in the right positon and lets it stand up. A standing facial hair which is softened up is much easier to be cut by a sharp blade than a hair which is hard and still “hugging” the skin.

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If the preparation is not done properly, it will be a rough and unclean shave, as hair is pulled out rather than gently cut.

Shaving right after a shower can also be ideal for some people as the skin and facial hair is already softened. Some people do use the shaving soap to lather up but if using a shaving soap causes your skin to be too dry, use a shaving cream instead.

3. Finally, getting down to the actual wet-shaving.

Carry out the first shave by shaving along the grain (i.e. hair-growing direction) of the facial hair. If there are still some facial hairs left after the first shave, consider lathering up a second time and perform a second shave. For the second shave, shave across or against the grain of the facial hair so that you get an ultra-close shave.

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After you are done shaving, rinse your face with cold water, the colder the better as this will help your skin pores to close up. Lastly, dry your face gently with a towel and apply an aftershave.

Planning to get a suitable gift for a man?

Well, a complete shaving kit may just be it! To check out some of MÜHLE products that are available in Singapore, do head down to the Men’s Section of Takashimaya.

And if the above shaving tips seems too wordy, check out this very informative and helpful MÜHLE video tutorial by The Nomad Barber.

Are you ready to begin your first wet-shaving adventure?