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They’re words you never want to hear but, every year, thousands of parents hear it from their children: “I want to ride a motorcycle”.

The idea of your child on a motorcycle probably fills you with dread. There is something about motorcycles that just seems far more threatening, far more worrying, than the idea of your child driving a standard four-wheel car. However, don’t say “no” to their request just yet— there are a few surprising benefits you might want to consider…

Motorcycles are better for the environment than standard cars
Concerned about the impact of another car on the road? Then let your child ride a motorcycle — when they have qualified, of course! — and be comforted by the fact that such motorcycles are far less polluting than their four-wheeled counterparts.

It’s tough for motorcycle riders to get distracted
Motorcycles require almost constant intervention from their rider. If you are concerned that your child may get distracted or be tempted to text while driving a car, then this worry can be eased if they ride a motorcycle instead.

Remember that you’re helping an industry
If you allow your child to ride a motorcycle, then they will be helping an industry that could really do with a change of luck. The infographic below helps to demonstrate the problems the motorcycle industry is facing, and also explains how appealing to younger generations is a key part of the reparative strategy— read on for more information on this…

 Designed by  solomotoparts.com
Designed by solomotoparts.com