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“Meet Miss Anxiety” also known as “我的早更女友” in Mandarin, is a romance comedy film that is directed by Kwak Jaeyoung, starring Zhou Xun and Tong Dawei. Released on 12 December 2014 in China, the film will be showing in Singapore on 5 February 2015.

[Image Credits to 我的早更女友]

Our Personal Opinion/Review of Meet Miss Anxiety

Thanks to Clover Films Singapore, we had the opportunity to catch “Meet Miss Anxiety” at Shaw Lido and we reckoned that the movie would be more popular with the ladies than the gentlemen.

[Image Credits to 我的早更女友]

Since “Meet Miss Anxiety” is a romance comedy film, you can expect lots of laughter and touching moments! It is funny how romance comedy films try to make you laugh and cry and laugh! Personally, we felt that there wasn’t much of a storyline but we were caught by the surprise twist towards the end of the movie as it solved the missing jigsaw puzzle as to why Yuan Xiao’ou [acted by Tong Dawei] wanted to be with Qi Jia [acted by Xun Zhou] so much.
Apart from the strong Chinese accent throughout the movie, both the lead actors portrayed their roles really well.

[Image Credits to 我的早更女友]

Well, love is in the air and you know it especially when Valentine’s Day is just round the corner. If you feel the love, why not share it by watching “Meet Miss Anxiety” with your other half? We assure you that you will be in for a good laugh!

Just so you know, “Meet Miss Anxiety” has a running time of 1 hour 38 minutes and is rated PG-13.

Our Personal Rating for “Meet Miss Anxiety”

Romance: 5/5
Storyline: 2/5
Humour: 4/5
Overall: 3/5

Movie Synopsis of “Meet Miss Anxiety”

Four years ago, Qi Jia’s beloved college boyfriend Liu Chong plans to work in Beijing, while Qi rather stays in her hometown city.

At their graduation ceremony, Qi proposes to Liu in the public, only to be rejected immediately – that was the end of their love story.

After their graduation, Qi was so passionate toward her new life and approved the ‘flat-share’ request by her schoolmate, Yuan Xiao’ou who was homeless at that time. Qi had never heard from Liu Chong after then until she got his wedding invitation two years later, she was devastated..

Movie Trailer of “Meet Miss Anxiety”