LifeProof iPhone X Case


I believe there are four key considerations when buying a phone case and what people eventually end up buying is dependent on which factor they consider the most important.

  1. Durability & Protection
  2. Affordability
  3. Design & Style
  4. Functionality

For me, durability & protection is the key factor.

The iPhone X is the most expensive phone that I have bought to date and obviously, with such a heavy investment; I will do whatever it takes to protect my phone. As an outdoor practitioner; dust, impact, and rain is my phone’s nemesis and of all the phone cases that I have used so far, I have personally found OtterBox and LifeProof to be the most reliable.

Currently, I am using LifeProof’s Slam Casing for my iPhone X and its price of SGD$69.90 is pretty decent. Though the casing seems to add more bulk and weight to my phone, I can feel that it is well built and very hardy. One thing that I really like about LifeProof’s Slam Casing is the transparent shell that reveals the iPhone X’s factory finish. This is unlike many other phone casings where the back of the phone is hidden underneath.

While I do agree that LifeProof’s phone casing for the iPhone X is quite limited in terms of design and style, its long-lasting durability is what captured my attention. As absurd as it may sound, the durability and lifespan of LifeProof’s Slam Casing might even outlive that of my phone’s.

If design and style is your top consideration, OtterBox’s phone casings make excellent choices. There’s definitely no compromise on the quality of phone protection and there are a variety of designs to choose from with prices starting from SGD$59 onwards. 

One thing that OtterBox has that LifeProof doesn’t is the glass screen protector and as far as I know, OtterBox’s glass screen protector is compatible with LifeProof’s phone casings as well.

However, don’t get me wrong. I’m not suggesting that OtterBox is better than LifeProof and vice-versa. In fact, both phone case brands are well-known for their build and quality and I would highly recommend either of them for phone protection. It’s just that OtterBox phone cases may be more suitable for the contemporary lifestyle while LifeProof phone cases may be more suitable for the rugged and adventurous lifestyle.

Are there any other phone cases you use that you will like to recommend? Feel free to comment and share your recommendations below!


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