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Two weeks ago, we attended the media preview of the LG G Pro 2 phablet, the successor of the award winning LG G Pro and we really like some of the new added features that we believe many shutterbugs would love too!

Design & Aesthetics

Continuing the minimal and simplistic design of G, the design of G Pro 2 has been enhanced ergonomically as compared to its predecessor.

The G Pro2 has a non-slippery metal mesh finish on the back cover to offer a comfortable, non-slippery, and firm grip; and the Rear Key offers greater convenience and usability by allowing you to easily access commonly used features such as the QuickMemo and camera by long-pressing the (+) or (-) volume keys. Whether you’re right or left handed, the Rear Key, which is placed on the back where your index finger is naturally placed, also allows for a comfortable and easy grip.

Multimedia Features

Offering you the best viewing experience thanks to its 5.9-inch Full HD Display, the G Pro 2 will allow you to enjoy clearer and sharper images that capture every detail and accurate colours without distortion.

With the 1W Hi-Fi Sound, you can now enjoy rich and powerful sound effects when watching movies, music videos, or games. Through the 1 Watt Hi-Fi powerful speaker, the G Pro 2 offers studio quality sound without any loss of original sound.

G Pro 2 Camera Features

The enhanced powerful 13-megapixels OIS+ Camera that comes onboard the G Pro 2 will give you the best camera capabilities that are not only useful but also intuitive and simple to use.

The image quality of the G Pro 2 Camera is so astounding that it was used to photograph the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights).

  • Magic Focus

After a shot is taken, you ca have the option to select the preferred depth of focus before saving it. You can also press the all-in-focus icon to make every object in the frame look their sharpest.

  • Natural Flash

It offers a more balanced colour temperature and exposure for the most natural-looking photos compared to images taken with a normal flash.

  • Flash for Selfie

Thanks to the increased sensor size and reduced aperture from 2.6 to 2.2, you can enjoy a clear and lighter picture even in pitch dark environment.

  • 4K ULTRA HD recording

When you want to capture the true beauty of footage, you will now have the option to record it in Ultra High-Definition (4K ULTRA HD) mode that allows for the footage to be recorded in a resolution of 3840 pixels × 2160 lines.

G Pro 2 4K ULTRA HD Recording Sample

G Pro 2 Performance

As the G Pro 2 is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 quad-core 2.26GHz processor and 3GB RAM, launching multiple apps did not cause it to lag and multi-tasking was a breeze. Although it is equipped with a ‘best-in-class’ battery capacity of 3,200mAh with SiO+ technology, it’s overall battery life performance is average.

Our Opinion

With its practical rear button setup, the G Pro 2 allows for a better handling than similar or bigger-sized phablets. The G Pro 2 also boasts an excellent 5.9-inch Full-HD display and a 13-megapixel rear camera that delivers good image quality. Although the battery life performance of the G Pro 2 does not live up to expectations, spare batteries can be purchased for an additional boost.

To be honest, the G Pro 2 does not have any features which LG’s rivals cannot match up to. In fact, most of the features that come along with the G Pro 2 can be found in its rivals’ phablets and the only consolation is the advanced camera features which shutterbugs will find useful.

LG G Pro 2 (Titan Colour)

If you are looking for a phablet that allows you to take nice pictures and yet offers you a stunning display for watching your favourite movies or playing your favourite games while on the move, you might want to consider the G Pro 2 for your next phone purchase.

The LG G Pro 2 is available for purchase from 29 March 2014 at a recommended retail price of SGD$828 (without line contract and inclusive of GST). Two colours, Titan and White, will be available at launch and the G Pro 2 red model is slated to be launched at a later date.