lg optimus g qslide function


The QSlide Function which the LG Optimus G Smartphone has is an extremely cool feature that no other Smartphones [that I know] offer till date.
With the QSlide Function, you can perform multiple tasks at one time and this really helps to improve productivity. For most of the Smartphones that are available in the market [for e.g. Apple’s iPhone, Samsung’s Galaxy, and Nokia’s Lumia], you can only perform one task at any one time. However, for the LG Optimus G Smartphone, you can perform up to 3 tasks at one time!

The QSlide Function on the LG Optimus G Smartphone only works with the following apps; they are Video, Internet, Memo, Calendar, and Calculator. This means that you can carry out any two of the apps mentioned + one other app that is not listed. For instance, you can watch a Video, surf the Internet, and send a Whatsapp Message all at the same time or you can use the calculator, write a memo, and surf Facebook! Truly remarkable indeed!

Check Out Our Video Demonstration of the LG Optimus G Smartphone QSlide Function:

In part 3 of our LG Optimus G Blogbuster Series, we will be sharing with you about the Quick Translator and Safety Care App on the LG Optimus G Smartphone.

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