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The number of Japanese-French fusion restaurants in Singapore are few and rare, and if you are on the lookout for a whole new dining experience of unique Japanese-French cuisine, we are excited to share with you about the upcoming opening of Lewin Terrace!
Featuring French & Japanese techniques and a produce-driven approach, Lewin Terrace is an upscale fine dining restaurant that is slated to open sometime in February. Helmed by a talented team of culinary professionals which includes General Manager and Chief Sommelier, Mr Daisuke Kawai, formerly with the Les Amis group where he won the Top Wines Best Sommelier of the year at the Singapore World Gourmet Series Awards of Excellence 2013, diners can expect that Lewin Terrace will have an elaborate wine list with more than 100 types of wines, of which more than half will be French while the rest will be intricately curated from other parts of the world including Japan.

Lewin Terrace will also offer wine-pairing menus for set lunches and set dinners. Each course will be served with half a glass of wine carefully selected by Chief Sommelier, Mr Daisuke Kawai.

The restaurant is housed in a charming and gorgeous black & white bungalow that used to be the residence of the Chief who headed the Central Fire Station on Hill Street. As Lewin Terrace is perched in the depths of Fort Canning’s greenery and imbued with Japanese entertaining and hospitality savoir-faire, it is expected to become a romantic venue that will draw couples for all sorts of occasions ranging from dinner dates and anniversaries to proposals and even weddings.

Lewin Terrace can accommodate about 78 diners and reservation is highly recommended to avoid disappointment. For an intimate dining experience with your loved ones, you probably might want to consider Lewin Terrace as your next dining destination.

For more information and updates, do check out Lewin Terrace’s Website.

Also, all pictures shown here are artist’s impressions of how Lewin Terrace is going to be. We will be uploading actual photos of the venue and dishes after their opening so do stay tuned!

21 Lewin Terrace, Singapore 179290


Opening Hours:
Every day; Lunch: 12-2pm [last order] and Dinner: 6-9.30pm [last order for food]

It has been quite a long while since we last did a blog entry about food & beverage and I guess it’s about time that we do it! To be honest, we have about 5 blog entries that are currently on backlog and we will do our best to upload the contents the soonest we can.
Anyhows, since this is going to be quite a casual blog entry, I will attempt to answer some of the queries that I’ve received and also share a bit more about what’s been happening in my personal life.

As I will be shifting to my new place next week, I’m currently in the midst of packing up my belongings. Also, having launched an errands running service a few weeks back, I have also completed a few assignments that were given to me by my clients. For more details about the errands running service that I am providing, you can check out the following link: https://awinsomelife.org/2012/10/18/errandsrunning/

Since Christmas is coming soon, we’re currently having some projects in the pipelines as well, so do stay tuned to it. Another piece of exciting news is this, we’re turning 1 and we’re planning to conduct a major giveaway in the coming month of December! So spread the word, be merry, and end the year well! In fact, I have already received my early Christmas presents from Baby and I will be blogging about it soooonnnn!

From Peperoni Pizza 2012

Last but not the least, I want to thank God for the many wonderful opportunities that he has given to me. Despite it being a really tough year and having to manage National Service, Studies, and Blogging; I am glad that I have persevered and made it through. Having been awarded 2nd Class Lower Honours by Northumbria University, I am really happy that my hardwork and efforts have paid off and yes, it pays to work hard. So, what will I be doing now that I’ve completed my studies? Well, I will be joining the education sector and after a few years; I perhaps might start my own business with Baby.

Then again, there are many things to think about and for now, the most important right now for the both of us is to work hard, earn enough money and save up for our wedding and flat!

Well, so much about us. Now, it’s time for us to share about our really awesome XXL dining experience at Peperoni Pizzeria.

From Peperoni Pizza 2012
From Peperoni Pizza 2012

I have heard about Peperoni Pizzeria from Baby for quite some time but I haven’t had the opportunity to try it until recently.

Established in 2004, Peperoni Pizzeria is part of the award-winning Les Amis Group.

From Peperoni Pizza 2012

Peperoni Pizzeria has 4 outlets in 4 different locations such as Greenwood Avenue, Binjai Park, Frankel Avenue, and Zion Road. The outlet that we went to was situated in Frankel Avenue.

Their operating hours are as follows:
Mondays to Saturdays: 12pm to 10.30pm
Sundays: 11am to 10.30pm

Besides Pizzas, Peperoni Pizzeria offers an extensive range of Italian food consisting of pastas, soups, side-dishes, and desserts!

From Peperoni Pizza 2012

I personally like Peperoni Pizzeria‘s interior decorations and furnishings. Vintage, retro, but also elegant!

From Peperoni Pizza 2012

Their Pizza menu is also rather extensive and yes, you see it right, ALL PRICES ARE NETT!

From Peperoni Pizza 2012

And no, they don’t charge for ice water.

From Peperoni Pizza 2012

So while waiting for our orders to arrive, we took some photos of ourselves.

From Peperoni Pizza 2012
From Peperoni Pizza 2012

and when our orders arrived, we were so elated!

We ordered the…

Spaghetti Carbonara

From Peperoni Pizza 2012

Deep Fried Chicken Wings

From Peperoni Pizza 2012

and the XXL Suprema/Capricciosa Pizza!

From Peperoni Pizza 2012

We just couldn’t resist taking a photo with the XXL Pizza and seriously, the XXL Pizza can feed up 4 to 6 persons!

From Peperoni Pizza 2012

By the way, Peperoni Pizzeria uses special gas fired ovens that are supplemented by the flames from specially imported flavoured wood chips. These specially imported flavoured wood chips give Peperoni Pizzeria‘s Pizzas a rather unique flavour and taste in every bite.

From Peperoni Pizza 2012

An overview of the food preparation area where you can see how pizzas are being made in-house.

From Peperoni Pizza 2012

Well, having tried Peperoni Pizzeria‘s Pizza, I must say, they are really excellent and superbly tasty! We will definitely return to Peperoni Pizzeria because not only is the service good, but the quality of the food is outstanding as well. The best part is, the price is right!

And in case you’re wondering, yes, Peperoni Pizzeria does provide home delivery service too; except that they are unable to deliver the XXL Pizza.

From Peperoni Pizza 2012

So if you’re craving for some pizzas right now [especially in this cold rainy season], why not head down to Peperoni Pizzeria or call for Peperoni Pizzeria‘s home delivery? In fact, you can even order online via the following link: http://orders.peperoni.com.sg/

Currently, if you are placing an order via Peperoni Pizzeria’s Website, you will receive a 10% discount! What’s more, they will waive the additional $4 weekend surcharge if you choose your order to be delivered to you during the following timings:

3pm-6.30pm and 9.30pm-11pm on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays

Stay tuned to more updates from us!

God bless!