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Despite the fading and resurfacing fashion trends and brands, lapel pins have gained more popularity in the fashion industry. Their trends continue to adapt based on consumer behavior and fashion interests.

Fashion has been a prominent, individualistic aspect of popular culture for many centuries. Therefore, lapel pins instil a personalised style, stirring up your fashion. It’s all about totting up your signature qualities to any appearance.

They were initially made to symbolise one’s affiliation to groups like club memberships or political parties or certain aristocracies for the past centuries. The norm is still in use from one generation to another. It’s because lapel pins are the easiest way to add flair to an outfit.

How Unique are they?

Due to their growing popularity, the demand for lapel pins has grown tremendously over the past years. There are very many companies that specialise in making beautiful and new styled label pins each day.

They are vintage products. Their revival not only brought them back but promoted manufacturing of more classic lapel pins.  When in an office suite, it’s usually difficult to show off your personality. A simple lapel pin is a remedy to the situation.

Lapel Pins

They’re an effortless way to show off your style. Besides, vintage pins will definitely bring back a piece of history. That is the thing you want if you’re lucky enough to get one. They merely stir up your fashion in their own unique way.

Below are different types of pins and their unique style that they inspire. 

1. Stick Pins

Stick pins are one of the vintage pins of all time. They’re normally unique and most conventionally popular style. When worn, it adds that vintage flair to one’s look.  You can attach them to any outfit. They are very secure too.

Stick pins possess a tiny needle. It usually slides up and down. Thereby, it secures the pin itself or free it. If you want to add them to your clothes, just fix the needle inside the hole that is present on the other face of the pin and they’ll be firmly secured.

2. Butterfly Clutch Pins

They’re quite popular among the military personnel. They were originally made and meant to distinguish between units in the military profession. Butterfly clutches possess sharp points which are attached to them.

When pressed they will most likely free their clutches. People sometimes refer to them as clutch backs. Their size is typically small. The reason is not to bring a lot of attention. However, you should wear it with some other army pins at the same time.

3. Magnetic Grip

It includes two magnetic disks that are attached and the magnets ensure that they stay secure.

They’re beautiful and functional; designs can vary in shapes and sizes. They’re more suitable for anyone who’s fearful of piercing a crack into their own outfit. The main disadvantage is that their magnetism can wear off over time and they become loosely attached.

4. Screw and Nut Pins

They’re easily the most secure pin types. The needle/nut screws in and holds the pin firmly in place. 

5. Boutonnieres and Floral

The making of a boutonniere lapel pin includes the use of a real flower. They were highly popular even before the new lapel pins’ inception. Their position is usually on the top left side.  The flower size should be small, quick to be noticed but not too pronounced. 

Floral pins, on the other hand, does not include the use of an actual flower but the fabrication of materials like silk or cotton. They’re small with a beautiful color or design touch, with a much longer lifespan than the real flower.

6. Badges

They’re helpful to denote an extraordinary accomplishment and are mostly a symbol of authority granted by taking an oath either in the police forces or fire-fighting department. They are in use since the medieval ages and have probed the creation of modern lapel pins.

They also portray political affiliations or memberships in certain clubs. Moreover, the military domain also uses badges. Many of the old army badges are vintage pins. They’re usually tiny and less intrusive. They provide more room for creative designs that won’t clutter a suit. 

7. Collar Pins

Collar pins look similar to the regular safety pins. They have identical functions to lapel pins. However, the only difference is that collar pins are attached to the collar. Besides this, they foster great aesthetical look on your outfit. Furthermore, they inspire more formal look than the average lapel pin.

8. Long Stem Pins

Perhaps the most modern lapel trend, long stem pins are attractive enough to bring attention. Their attractive designs can vary a lot. It can differ in anything from plain geometric forms to pointers and anything that comes in between. These pins typically include the use of solid metals such as bronze, silver, or sometimes gold. For the more stylishly adventurous man, you can add these pins to your repertoire. 

Long Stem Pin Badges

When Should You Wear One?

Lapel pins always look fantastic when worn for specific events like weddings or fundraisings; or just for everyday wear/work.  Pin one on your suit before you go to work. You can wear one on your jacket before going out at night. They’ll make your outfit exquisite. However, choose appropriate and formal lapel pin design for your workplace. 

Vivipins is a company that specialises in making pins. The above-discussed pins can be ordered online and you get the final look for your custom lapel pin. The ordering process is straightforward; with simple guidelines to precisely describe the artwork you would like them to deliver. They produce the best quality pins and your design is confidential and copyrighted.

Wrapping Up

Lapel pins are back and for an excellent reason. They are helpful to depict your unique personality by adding stylishness to your outfit. It is such a subtle detail but it goes a long way in regards to fashion and style.

From butterfly clutch pins to the elusive collar pins, play around with them. Experience the unique flair that they portray and use them as a conveyance to express the best in yourself so the world can see it.