Ok, I know the title of this blog post might sound rather cheesy or maybe I sound like I am going to market and sell WorldVentures DreamTrips but no, I am not going to do that. Rather, I am going to share 3 travel services that you might find useful when planning for your next staycation/vacation/holiday or whatever you call it.

I first chanced upon Klook in August this year and I must say, it was and is still a worthy find because they offer some very interesting itineraries and attractions at really attractive prices. For my upcoming honeymoon to Thailand, I bought entrance tickets to Art in Paradise Bangkok, Nanta Show, and Safari World Bangkok and they were pretty value for money.

Honestly, what I really love about Klook is that they also offer some out-of-the-ordinary itineraries and tours. Some of such itineraries and tours include a Hangover Tour in Bangkok, a Submarine Adventure in Jeju, South Korea, and a Tokyo, Japan Helicopter Cruise!

In 6 days’ time, I will be going for a Paramotor Flight in Hua Hin, Thailand and I am very excited about it. Can’t wait to share our honeymoon itinerary when we’re back from Thailand!

Well, if you are planning for a unique holiday, you might want to consider booking some of the unique tours that Klook has to offer! I’m sure Klook has something that will interest you.


Want to book your dream wedding photoshoot anywhere in the world but don’t know where to begin?

OneThreeOneFour comes to the rescue! Founded by the dynamic couple, Scott and Eve, OneThreeOneFour is a Singapore-based start-up that allows couples to discover and book wedding photographers from anywhere in the world.

I know some couples (us included) like their wedding photos to be taken overseas and it can be quite a tedious process to search for a trustworthy and reliable wedding photographer especially when they’re based overseas. If you have been to wedding shows, you might have come across some overseas wedding studios selling their wedding photography packages but what you are probably concern about is whether they will close shop and part with your hard earned money.

With OneThreeOneFour, you can find specially hand-picked and verified wedding photographers from around the world and browse through their portfolios. What’s more, you can chat with the photographers, confirm the photoshoot date, book and make payment all on OneThreeOneFour!

So… if you are planning to have your wedding photos taken overseas, OneThreeOneFour might be just the platform to begin your search and when you’re done with all those photoshoot, be sure to also check out Klook for some wacky tours and itineraries.


How would you like if you could receive four mysterious 3 Days 2 Nights travel holidays a year for just SGD$99 a month (SGD$1188 a year)?

Well, the idea of a subscription service is not new especially since subscription boxes are a pretty big hit but a travel subscription is almost unheard of and what makes ZenPass so interesting is that you won’t quite know what you will be receiving or where you will be going until 1 month before your flight.

Every three months (subscribers would have paid SGD$297 by then), subscribers will receive 3 different combinations of 3 Days 2 Nights package that includes flights and accommodations to a destination in Southeast Asia and there won’t be any itinerary. Out of those 3 different choices, all you have to do is just choose one and you’re ready to go!

And what if none of the 3 Days 2 Nights package offered isn’t to your liking?

ZenPass guarantees that you can get all your money back if you don’t like the options presented to you and you are given the flexibility to cancel anytime!

Should you like the idea of a mysterious 3 Days 2 Nights flight and accommodation package that cost SGD$297, do also set some realistic expectations because for such a price, I hope you are not expecting 5-star accommodations and first class flights.

Want to be well-travelled?

Sign up for ZenPass here and because you’re travelling somewhere with no itinerary, you might want to check out Klook to see if they offer any interesting tours at your destination!

Ok, in case you’re wondering, I’m not trying to hard sell Klook or anything like that. In fact, Klook, OneThreeOneFour, and ZenPass are all start-ups and I feel that all three of them complement each other really well.

In fact, A Winsome Life (our start-up that provides Personal Concierge Services) complements all three start-ups too and it is with great pleasure that we share about their intriguing and useful services!

Alright, that’s all for now.

Counting down to 3 more days before we leave for our honeymoon!