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Kkongdon [pronounced as Kong-don and not K-kong-don] means ‘best price value’ in the Korean language and we daresay that Kkongdon Barbecue does indeed give diners the best value-for-money for its all-you-can-eat Korean barbecue menu.

Originating from Sinchon in Korea, Kkongdon Barbecue opened its first outlet in Singapore in 2012 and has a total of 4 outlets till date. With modern interiors, seating areas with K-pop enhancements, and warm lighting, Kkongdon Barbecue is a perfect dining place for gatherings over meals.

What We Think Of Kkongdon Barbecue?

It was our first time to Kkongdon Barbecue @ SAFRA Toa Payoh and it will not be the last because after having tried many different barbecue menus at various Japanese and Korean restaurants, Kkongdon Barbecue does offer the best value for money.

With a price of SGD$23.30 nett [Mondays to Thursdays] and SGD$29.30 nett [Fridays to Sundays] per adult, the all-you-can-eat menu features a new selection of barbecue favourites that include chicken, pork, beef, and the newly introduced premium 30 Days Aged New Zealand Sirloin cut; all of which are available in three different marinades.

At Kkongdon Barbecue, the well-marinated meats follow the authentic Korean formula and a selection of Ssamjang, Garlic Ssamjang, and Onion Sauce are specially imported from Korea and blended by the local chef. When paired with the well-marinated barbecued meat, the sauces enhance the aromas and flavours of the meat for a lip smacking experience.

The all-you-can-eat menu also includes flow of side dishes such as Kimchi, Gyoza, Deokbokki [Korean Rice Cakes] and sliced fruits. However, if your stomach is not fully satisfied, a-la-carte add on options are available where wallet-friendly prices are extended to an array of appetisers, soups, stews, and desserts.

When we were there, we had the Pork Belly Kimchi Stew [Kimchijjim Jeongol] and it is presented in Korean earthenware with pork belly slices, kimchi, tofu, enoki mushrooms, and a generous amount of yummy spicy soup!

As for appetisers, we had the Kkongdon’s Kimchi Pancake [Kimchi Buchimgae]. This firm-textured pancake presents itself with kimchi chunks, and a mild spicy sour flavour to whet an appetite for a feast.

To go or not to go?

Well, our overall dining experience at Kkongdon Barbecue is a pleasant and shiok one and we will definitely be back for more well-marinated barbecued meat! Between Seoul Garden [not to say anything bad but because they are almost similarly-priced] and Kkongdon Barbecue, we will definitely choose Kkongdon Barbecue because the meats are more premium and better-tasting; though we don’t deny the fact that Seoul Garden has more variety on their buffet menu.

For more information about the Kkongdon Barbecue outlets in Singapore, do check out Kkongdon Barbecue Official Website and like Kkongdon Official Facebook Page!