kayaking exercise


Have you ever considered doing something different from what you always do during your leisure time? Well, try grabbing a kayak and get to the waters. Kayaking as an outdoor physical activity can give you more than just the great water view.

It also doubles up as a great exercise for your body. Kayaking can be done on streams, lakes, rivers and rapids. They are usually light and can be easily transported. Going out for a kayak tour can be a great adventure that will always leave you with an unforgettable experience.

If you think you’ve seen what the waters have to offer in terms of kayaking, then try using the inflatable kayaks in Australia. Anyway, without saying no more, let’s look at some of the advantages that kayaking has.

Weight loss

For you to be able to reach a speed of 5 mph when kayaking, you will need an effort of about 0.1 hp. This will, in turn, help you to burn around 400 calories each hour.

So, if you take like 5 hours of paddling, do the math and see how much calories you are going to get rid off. This shows how kayaking has the ability to kill two birds with one stone by keeping you fit while also giving you a great experience.

Reducing Stress

Have you had a bad week? Try going out for a kayak tour as it can help you deal with some of your stress. Imagine how you will feel when you see your kayak moving on water and the beautiful view around you and in the sky. All this is enjoyable and it will make you feel relaxed. If you can spend a couple of hours kayaking on water and commit to doing this a few times each week, you don’t have to worry about being stressed up again as you’ve already found a solution.

Works Out the Upper Body

If you have to choose between spending quality time with your family or going to the gym, which option would you take? Well, I know people are different but the majority will most probably choose spending quality time with the family. Having said that, kayaking gives you the ability to do both at the same time. You can go on a kayaking adventure with your family and be the controller of the boat.

With every stroke you take when paddling, you will also be working out every muscle in your upper body. This implies that you can do about 1500 reps of low impact movements in your upper body in just an hour; that is if you are moving at a speed of 3mph. This will help you to tone up your upper body muscles. Follow this link to see how kayaking helps in working out your upper body https://thrillspire.com/how-is-kayaking-good-exercise-for-body.

Improving Your Mental Health

From publications made by the Harvard Health, it is said that having an aerobic exercise can help you by triggering the release of certain brain cells that can help in improving the mood of a person. So, if you ever feel stressed up, depressed, or you just want to have a peace of mind from your hectic day; then you can try going out for some kayaking sessions as it provides you with a great and relaxed workout.


Although most sporting activities require one to be fit, the fitness level is not always the same for most sports. For instance, you don’t have to be that fit for you to be able to kayak. Additionally, kayaking also provides a great opportunity for you to meet new people when you go on a tour together as a group. Well, you can also do it by yourself if you so wish to.

This activity also incorporates great sites provided by nature aside from the physical benefits. In short, kayaking creates a sense of community as it can be done by everyone.

Vitamin D

Did you know that each time you spent outside the house comes with an added advantage? Yes, the advantage is a great source of Vitamin D. From various medical research, it can be clearly seen that Vitamin D is usually among the vitamins that are usually difficult to get from the foods we eat.

Most people always rely on the sun, as this is where you can easily get like 80% of this vitamin. So, spending about 3-4 hours kayaking on a great sunny day means getting 3-4 hours of Vitamin D too.


Kayaking has been around for a while now and those who have done it before and are still doing it knows the benefits that they usually receive from this activity. There are a lot of reasons why you should try kayaking; however, I hope these few reasons that I have provided will help to convince you so that you may join many others and enjoy the best things that nature has to offer. Just don’t forget to bring along a dry bag to store all your dry clothing and dry items such as sunblock lotion and water bottle.

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