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In this blog entry, I will be blogging about my recent trip to Ipoh.

Three weeks ago, I went back to Ipoh with my family to attend my cousin’s wedding and the entire trip was a blast. The last time I’ve been to Ipoh was many years back and though I don’t really recall much of the past, this recent trip back to Ipoh left quite a lasting impression on me.

Ipoh is the capital city of Perak state, Malaysia and it is approximately 200 km north of Kuala Lumpur on the North-South Expressway. When I was there during my recent trip, I personally felt that the city was laid-back and the pace of living is not as fast as Singapore. So, if you’re looking for a very laid-back and relaxed kind of getaway, you might want to consider visiting Ipoh.

Since I have previously blogged about the first day of my stay in Ipoh, this blog post would very much touch on the second day of my stay in Ipoh.

Before the wedding “gate-crashing” ceremony, we went to a nearby roadside stall to have breakfast and I really like the laid-back feel of the city.

From Ipoh Trip 2012

In Malaysia, apparently all of the “kopitiam” [coffee] shops are known as “restoran” [restaurants] but they are really unlike the Singapore kind of restaurants where there’s air-conditioning and waiters.

From Ipoh Trip 2012

Ipoh “Restaurant” [more commonly known as “Kopitiam” to us]

From Ipoh Trip 2012

So for breakfast that morning, I had the Penang Fried Kway Teow [Wat Dan Hor Style].

From Ipoh Trip 2012

The Penang Fried Kway Teow [Wat Dan Hor Style]. To be honest, the food wasn’t that bad and I kinda enjoyed it. The only exception was the prawns. For some reason, the prawns had a rather odd taste that smelt as if it has been left to decay for days and this didn’t happened at just one store in one location; in fact, I tried the prawns at many different stores at different locations but they had the same fishy or “decaying” smell.

From Ipoh Trip 2012

Here’s a photo of my cousin, Ryan, enjoying his bowl of Laksa.

From Ipoh Trip 2012

As usual, I try not to miss out on the Iced Ipoh Coffee in the morning because the white coffee is unlike the white coffee that is available here in Singapore.

From Ipoh Trip 2012

After our rather filling breakfast, we went over to my Cousin’s place to witness the “gate-crashing” ceremony and it was quite an enlightening moment.

The “sisters” of the bride were very ready to sabotage the groom and his entourage from entering the gates.

From Ipoh Trip 2012

Having braved the first few challenges and sabotages by the “sisters”, the groom and his entourage tried to convince the “sisters” to let them in.

From Ipoh Trip 2012

and well, without any doubts, the groom and his entourage did a fantastic job and here’s a photo of the bride and groom journeying to the bridal car.

From Ipoh Trip 2012

the bride and groom posing for a photo in the bridal car before leaving for the groom’s place.

From Ipoh Trip 2012

after a rather eventful morning, I went for a mini cyber-gaming competition with my brothers and cousins at one of the nearby cyber-cafes before heading back to our serviced apartment to rest. Needless to say, gaming is not my cup of tea and I lost in most of the matches.

Having prepared and rested enough, we got ready for the wedding banquet and walked to the restaurant from our serviced apartment [it was a 5-minutes walk].

And well, all the cousins were allocated to a table right at the very front near the stage and thank God for that because I managed to capture quite a number of good photos with my trusty iPhone 5 Camera.

From Ipoh Trip 2012

my two brothers posing for a photo and pretended that they were reading the dinner menu.

From Ipoh Trip 2012

as with all Chinese wedding banquets, the proceedings were pretty much SOP [standard operating procedures] so I shan’t really elaborate much into it.

A photo of the bride and groom cutting the wedding cake. [i wonder if there’s such a thing called a zoom-lens for the iPhone 5 Camera]

From Ipoh Trip 2012

A photo of almost all the lovely cousins whom were there for the wedding banquet!

From Ipoh Trip 2012

Well, this concludes day 2 of my stay in Ipoh and in the next few upcoming blog entries, I will share about the various attractions in Ipoh that are worth checking out.

Stay tuned to more updates from us!

God bless!

I’m currently in Ipoh, Malaysia and because I wanted to travel light, I didn’t bring my laptop along and I’m blogging using my iPhone [for the very first time].
Due to the limitations of using my iPhone to Blog, the content of this Blog Post may be shorter than usual. Also, the photos that are in this blog post are taken using the iPhone 5 camera and are also at the same time, edited on my iPhone using the Snapseed App which I personally find extremely useful.

For my trip to Ipoh, Malaysia, I took the Firefly Airline and it was my first time taking their plane.



And well, I didn’t quite expected that we had to take the transit vehicle to our plane since most of the time, boarding the planes are directly via the boarding gate.

It came as a shock to me when I found out that the plane we were taking to Ipoh flies with propeller fans!

Well, guess I shouldn’t expect much since it is a small plane that flies short distances. The cabin was average and the inflight service was not too bad. In fact, light snacks such as cakes and juices were served.

When we arrived at Ipoh Airport, we were warmly received by our relatives and we headed straight to the Serviced Apartment where we are putting up.


Although the Serviced Apartment is rather basic, it is well-equipped with a television, a microwave, a refrigerator, and even a washing machine.




Each apartment has 3 bedrooms and they either have twin single beds or just a queen-sized bed; hence, it is extremely suitable for those with large family.


A very good thing about the apartment is that every bedroom has an attached bathroom; so, there’s no need to fight over the bathrooms with one another.


After settling down in our apartment, we headed for lunch at the nearby restaurant and we really had a sumptuous and filling lunch. Just look at the amount of food we had!


The restaurant has a wide selection of Yong Tau Foo to go along with some vermicelli and wanton noodles.


Having had our fill, we went to my Aunt’s place for awhile and headed for shopping at Station 18, a newly-opened shopping mall in Ipoh.

Anyways, I may not be blogging over the next few days as I’m somewhat limited without a laptop. Nevertheless, we’re still quite active on Twitter and Instagram so do check us out over there.

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God bless!