hvac contractor checklist


When your AC or heating systems begin to misbehave, you would need an HVAC expert to bail you out of the problem. 

HVAC is an acronym that means Heating, Venting, and Air Conditioning. Therefore, anyone that is an expert in this field should be capable of installing, repairing, and maintaining both heating and air conditioning systems. 

Your heating or air conditioning systems can malfunction for a myriad of reasons; you can read this to find out some of the reasons why an AC may stop working. When this happens, you want to be sure that the company you hire for the job is reliable and capable of handling it. 

Therefore, in this article, we will be discussing tips that can help you find and hire a top HVAC company in New Mexico or even anywhere else in the world. 

1. Find Several HVAC Companies

The first thing you need to do is get a list of companies that offer this service. There are several ways you can compile this list but first start by asking your friends, families, and neighbors for recommendations. A referral from a trusted person you know is worth more than you can think.

Another place you can do your search is the internet. A simple “Top HVAC companies near me” search on any search engine will give you so many potential companies. 

2. Narrow down Your List

Now that you have gotten your list of potential companies, it is time you begin to narrow them down. You may have over 5 to even 10 companies on your list but you would have to bring them down to three. You would have to be sure of the reliability amongst other things of the 3 companies you would have at the end of the day.

To narrow down the list, simply do the following: 

1. Check each company on your list on directory sites like Yelp or Angie’s List. Take your time to go through the reviews and start to cross out companies with negative reviews that outweigh their positive ones. 

However, be careful because there are a lot of fake reviews out there these days. To be on the safer side, you can visit https://theconversation.com/how-to-spot-a-fake-review-youre-probably-worse-at-it-than-you-realise-121043 to learn how to spot fake reviews. You should begin to weed out some companies in this stage. 

2. Next, go to the official website of the remaining companies you have on the list. Peruse through the site to learn some important things like whether or not the company is a member of any reputable industry associations, whether they have won an award, their certifications, and so on. 

These will help you determine the company’s professionalism and reliability. 


3. Check their social media page. Any company that is serious about business in today’s world would have to be active on social media. On their social media page, they will have pictures of past jobs and clients that were satisfied with the job done. 

3. Choose the Best

After going through the three steps above, we want to assume that you have successfully narrowed down your list to 3 companies. So, it is now time to decide who will top the list.

To do this, you would need to speak to representatives of all three companies. You do not have to set up a face-to-face meeting as this crucial interview can be done over the phone. When you talk to the representative, ensure you speak clearly about the HVAC service you need. 

Also, on the call, confirm the company’s credentials. Other things that will help you decide which of the companies will offer the best services are: 

  • Licensing and insurance 
  • Experience 
  • The reliability and credibility of their technicians

Therefore, during the call, you want to ask questions that will help you know whether or not the business is insured and licensed. If they aren’t, save yourself the stress and cross them off your list. Furthermore, find out just how long they have been doing the business, a minimum of 5 years is acceptable. 

Finally, ask questions about their technicians. These people may probably have to enter your home. Therefore, aside from making sure they are qualified and certified, ensure they have been background-checked; they should also have no criminal record. 


In this article, we have discussed steps that will help you get a top HVAC company in New Mexico (or even anywhere in the world). We believe if the steps discussed in this article are properly followed, you will have no reason to regret your choice at the end of the day.