how to write a blog


When you see your blog all of the time, it can be hard to spot problems and issues. When you first started blogging, your posts and layouts were probably a little rough. Then, you might have gone through a very steep learning curve as you learned about SEO, digital media marketing and everything else that makes a blog great. You might have spent time working on your branding and adjusting the layout of your site. Making it more personal and unique and ensuring it stood out from the rest of the blogs on the internet.

Then, as time goes on, we often stop noticing the small things. We write posts. We publish them. We promote them. You might even have a checklist of things that you do with every post or the daily jobs that you do to keep your blog great. But, you stop seeing it. It’s only normal. It’s something that happens in all areas of life. But, it’s why it’s essential that every now and then we take the time to take a good hard look at our blogs and how well they work and make any changes that we can to improve them. Here are some great ways that you can give your blog a little TLC.

Check Your Speed

A brand-new site, with nothing on it, works quickly. Of course, it does, there’s nothing to load. Then, as you add more content and media, things start to slow down. You might not have noticed, but your users will have. Carry out an internet speed test to find out where you stand.

Look at Your Photographs

Photographs take up an awful lot of space on your site and in your database. Chances are, you aren’t even using a lot of them, having either replaced them over time or never put them into posts in the first place. Use a plugin to delete any pictures that aren’t being used on your site. Then, compress any that are left.

While you are working on photographs, check out your older posts. Could you replace any of the pictures now that your skills have improved?

Delete Old Content

Many blogs start life in the “lifestyle” category. Then, over time some of them begin to fit into a smaller niche. This is great, but you might find that a lot of your older content no longer fits. If it gets views, great, keep it. But, if no one reads this content and it doesn’t reflect your blog anymore, delete it.

Fix Broken Links

Broken links are inevitable. Even if it’s just because you’ve deleted old posts or photographs. Some broken links might be in comments other people have left if their own blogs have changed or been removed. These links can affect your user experience. So, find them using a plugin or a broken link checker website and either delete or fix them.

Add Internal Links

When you start blogging, there’s nothing to link to. You’ve got no related content. Over time, you add new content, but you never go back to add links to older posts. Go through some of your old posts and pages and add as many internal links as you can. It’ll give your bounce rate a massive boost.