how to play beer pong


With hot days just around the corner, there’s not a better summer gift idea for your friends other than a beer pong table.

Like most world’s greatest inventions, the beer pong game was invented by accident in the late 1950s at Dartmouth College in Hanover by a few students playing doubles and, you’ve guessed it, drinking beer at the same time. With beer cups all over the tables, it was only a matter of time before the ping pong ball would land in a cup filled with beer. So, that’s how the most popular drinking game was invented. 

Now, it’s no secret that this game is fun and exciting, especially when you are playing it with a group of friends. So, if you and your friends are planning to have a fun summer this year, start by buying a beer pong table as a gift for one of them to make sure you have a memorable time during the hot months. 

Beer Pong Explained 

Is there more to know about beer pong other than the fact that it’s fun and gives you a great excuse to get your friends drunk? Well, it depends on whether you want to play like a pro or you’re fine with being the least talented player at the table. 

If you’re planning to take this sport seriously (even if you play in your friend’s backyard), you can learn more about the game

Beer Pong is a competitive team sport and you will want to look for the best player to partner with. Now, there’s usually two type of players; those who get better at playing with alcohol and those who get much, much worse with alcohol. Make sure you know who gets their beer pong skills activated by alcohol and choose them to be your partner. 

If you are a pro beer ponger, you should know that this fun drinking game actually has official rules. However, you and your friends can add, subtract, or alter any of these rules when you play because the game is all about having fun rather than about following a set of strict rules. 

Friendly tip: if you can’t decide which team should start, you can choose two opposite players to take their throw at the same time and the winning player’s team will start. If you want to keep it simple, you can always flip a coin to see which team should start. 

So, how exactly do you play? Well, the principle of the game is pretty simple, you shoot the ball towards the opposite team’s cups and if you succeed in getting the ball into the cup, the opposite players must finish the cup. 

The game, however, doesn’t end when one of the teams eliminates the last beer pong cup of the other players. The underdog team can have a recovery round in which each player gets a chance to throw. These recovery rounds pretty much last until the player misses their shot. 

Why is A Beer Pong Table a Great Gift Idea?

So, now you know what the beer pong game is like, here’s why we think a beer pong table is an excellent gift for anyone: 

It’s Different 

Let’s be honest, you’ve probably have bought everything you could have for your friend’s birthday so far. And, you’re most likely out of gift ideas. So, do you really want to give your friend the same gift they already received last year? 

That’s why a beer pong table is a great idea as it is a unique gift that your friend will most likely never expect to receive and they will definitely be surprised by your present. 

Beer Pong is Fun & Everyone Gets to Play

The most obvious reason why a beer pong table make an excellent gift is the fact that it will add some additional fun to parties and celebrations. A beer pong table will offer a lot of fun while playing (and drinking). It will make every party feel more interesting as this competitive team game will entice everyone to get into the game. 

The Bottomline?

A beer pong table will make a great gift for your friends as you’ll all get to play this fun game together and it’s a unique gift idea that will definitely pleasantly surprise your friends.