I’m currently in Ipoh, Malaysia and because I wanted to travel light, I didn’t bring my laptop along and I’m blogging using my iPhone [for the very first time].
Due to the limitations of using my iPhone to Blog, the content of this Blog Post may be shorter than usual. Also, the photos that are in this blog post are taken using the iPhone 5 camera and are also at the same time, edited on my iPhone using the Snapseed App which I personally find extremely useful.

For my trip to Ipoh, Malaysia, I took the Firefly Airline and it was my first time taking their plane.



And well, I didn’t quite expected that we had to take the transit vehicle to our plane since most of the time, boarding the planes are directly via the boarding gate.

It came as a shock to me when I found out that the plane we were taking to Ipoh flies with propeller fans!

Well, guess I shouldn’t expect much since it is a small plane that flies short distances. The cabin was average and the inflight service was not too bad. In fact, light snacks such as cakes and juices were served.

When we arrived at Ipoh Airport, we were warmly received by our relatives and we headed straight to the Serviced Apartment where we are putting up.


Although the Serviced Apartment is rather basic, it is well-equipped with a television, a microwave, a refrigerator, and even a washing machine.




Each apartment has 3 bedrooms and they either have twin single beds or just a queen-sized bed; hence, it is extremely suitable for those with large family.


A very good thing about the apartment is that every bedroom has an attached bathroom; so, there’s no need to fight over the bathrooms with one another.


After settling down in our apartment, we headed for lunch at the nearby restaurant and we really had a sumptuous and filling lunch. Just look at the amount of food we had!


The restaurant has a wide selection of Yong Tau Foo to go along with some vermicelli and wanton noodles.


Having had our fill, we went to my Aunt’s place for awhile and headed for shopping at Station 18, a newly-opened shopping mall in Ipoh.

Anyways, I may not be blogging over the next few days as I’m somewhat limited without a laptop. Nevertheless, we’re still quite active on Twitter and Instagram so do check us out over there.

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Stay tuned to more updates from us!

God bless!