holiday planning


December is the time of the year that we all start to look back and reflect on our lives. You may have some fond memories of the year so far. You might have done everything you have wanted and more. But you may also be wanting to make some changes because you feel like you are at a crossroads in your life.

It is understandable. We all have moments where we wonder what life’s all about? Did we make the right career choice? Do we not enjoy going to work each day? Do we find life tough for one reason or another?

Well…life’s never always plain sailing and it is often when we go through these situations in life that we want to make the changes that will have the most impact. The new year is nearly here, and it is never too late to start thinking about the goals that we want to set. Whether it’s losing weight, getting fitter, or travelling for an extended period of time, it is about time that you start your preparation.

For those who are seriously considering an extended holiday away from your normal routine and commitments; here are ten things you need to consider:

1. Decide On Where You Want To Go

One of the biggest and perhaps most exciting things to do when it comes to taking an extended holiday is to consider where to go. The world is your oyster, so to speak, and the options are endless. Of course, one of the big things to remember is that some countries have different guidelines and visas. You may need to think about declaring that you are going to work there and actually have a confirmation of how long you intend to stay there. Places like USA, Australia, Malaysia, and Asia are all popular choices. However, don’t just be set on one place, consider a few before you fully make up your mind.

2. Consider Where You Might Stay And How You Might Go About It

Consider where you might stay and how you might go about it in terms of leasing, longer stays in hotels, or even mixing things up a little. Of course, leasing has its advantages because you can establish some form of routine like cooking your own food and doing the laundry. A quick look online at houses for rent in Malaysia or apartments in Australia, for example, can quickly identify whether there are savings to be made. However, you may also like the idea of hotel living, as you don’t need to worry about any day to day tasks like cleaning and cooking. A great idea would be to mix up the two.

3. Will You Work Over There?

Another thing to think about when it comes to extended holidays is what you might do with your time. Will you be spending it sightseeing or do you want to work and experience life out there in a different working environment? Of course, the main thing to think about would be the money side of things. You need to ensure that you can afford to stay out there and working abroad can help to supplement your living expenses. However, ensure that you obtain the right visas or clearance to work before doing it to avoid getting into any kind of trouble.

4. Make Lists

Before you travel, you may feel completely overwhelmed as departure day draws closer. Making some lists will definitely benefit you as you navigate through the tasks you need to complete before setting foot on the plane. A great tip is to have a pen and notepad close by, and every time something comes to mind, write it down, and every time you complete a task, cross it off.

5. Be Well Researched

Making a decision on where you want to go must have you feeling elated but before you go, ensure you know all there is to know by heading on to the Internet to do a search. Blog posts and TripAdvisor reviews are valuable sources of information. Even, putting up a “ask for recommendations” status on Facebook is helpful as you may have someone in your followers or friends list who has been there before and can give you some insider info on places to eat, things to do and how to go about living there. You never know what knowledge you might pick up.

6. Try And Go On A Healthy Lifestyle Change Before You Go

You definitely want to enjoy yourself on your trip away, and so while you are waiting for the big departure day to arrive, use the time to get healthy and change your lifestyle a bit. You certainly don’t want the guilt when you arrive and indulge in the tasty foods or desserts.

7. Visit Your GP And Get Fully Checked Over

Another thing to add to your list is to go to your GP and get a full health check. The last thing you want is to be in a foreign country and fall ill with something that could have been prevented. Of course, things can’t always be predicted but it is better to be safe than sorry. You might also want to check if you need any vaccinations before you go to avoid any further issues when you get there.

8. Be Organised With Your Packing

Packing may seem like a real tough task to overcome, especially because you are going away for a long time, but the best thing to do in this situation is to be as organised as possible. Another great tip is to just pack the things that you want. Once you are there, you can always buy the things you need as you go along. Here’s a list of the top 25 travel packing hacks and tips!

9. Tidy Up Any Loose Ends Before You Go

Leaving for an extended holiday may mean that you have decided to sell your place or maybe rent it out. That might mean that you have furniture to get rid of or storage to organise. You might also need to think about paying off any odd debts you have, closing off utility accounts, and even stopping phone contracts.

10. Cover All Angles

Finally, make sure you cover all angles before you go. Have the necessary travel insurance in place to cover you, take photocopies of your passport and identifications, print off all documents, and have them organised in a wallet for safe keeping. Make sure you can access money overseas and that you have the right accounts for spending abroad. Lastly, make sure friends and family members have your location details and itinerary.

Now you’re ready and all geared up for your extended holiday!

I hope this article has helped you to think about everything you would need to consider before taking that extended holiday. If you do find yourself thinking about doing this next year, then take that leap of faith and go for it!