Halloween Horror Nights 4


Just last Friday, both Jacqueline and I were at Universal Studios Singapore for Halloween Horror Nights 4 and we had a rather exhaustive night of queuing up and getting spooked by the scare-actors. When we were there at 7.45pm, it was already crowded with many people and out of the 4 haunted houses that are available, we only managed to go for two because the rest of the haunted houses had long lines of people!

Apart from the 2 haunted houses [The L.A.B & Jing’s Revenge] that we tried, we also managed to experience 3 out of the 4 scare zones; Demoncracy, Canyon of the Cursed, and Scary Tales. We also had the time to check out Jack’s Nightmare Circus, a show that you truly mustn’t miss!

So without further ado, here’s our personal opinion/review of Halloween Horror Nights 4 @ Universal Studios Singapore…

Haunted Houses

The L.A.B [Laboratory of Alien Breeding]

The topic about Aliens is a rather mysterious one and there is little information about what we know of its existence. If your impression of an Alien resembles that of the E.T. movie, you will be so wrong when you check out The L.A.B at Halloween Horror Nights 4. We waited for a rather long time just to experience The L.A.B and in all honesty, the wait wasn’t quite worth it because it was not as scary as we imagined it to be. There are a couple of jump scares and special effects but it is not so spooky because the interior is quite bright and you can see what is about to come round the corner.

Jing’s Revenge

There are quite a number of ghost stories that are set in a school-based setting and usually, these stories happen in the school toilets or some secluded school block that not many people go to. Well, in Jing’s Revenge, the whole school is literally haunted and it really scared the wits out of us! The interior is rather dim and there are many hidden corners where the scare actors can jump out from. Jing’s Revenge is definitely one of the scariest haunted houses at Halloween Horror Nights 4 but we can’t say for sure because we did not have the time to check out Mati Camp or Jack’s 3-Dementia.

Scare Zones

In 3 out of the 4 scare zones that we went to, it wasn’t so scary because they are staged in open spaces where there are a lot of people. However, it was not a surprise when we heard some ladies screaming as there were props where the scare actors could hide in and perform jump scares on the passer-by. Most of the scare actors at the Scare Zones are also quite obliging when it comes to picture-taking so don’t hesitate to snap a picture or two for keepsake.

A photo of Jacqueline with one of the many scare actors.


All hell has broken loose at the New York Zone and the earth has been torn asunder by diabolical forces! Freaky friends of the underworld will unleash their prowess and wipe out all humans from the face of this earth.

Canyon of the Cursed

Treasure hunters in the wild west had long been drawn to a place that is unmarked on any map and believed to be buried with the gold of the Nevuro tribe. Ignoring the warnings of how this place was guarded by spirits and protected by an ancient chieftain’s curse, these rapacious men and women rode into the unknown and were never seen again until now.

Scary Tales

The forest of disenchantment has ensnared favourite fairy tales and twisted them into nightmares; warping familiar characters into something that is almost beyond recognition. You will never see Rapunzel and Little Red Riding Hood in the same light ever again.


Jack’s Nightmare Circus

Jack’s Nightmare Circus is largely entertaining as there are a lot of wacky performing acts and usage of pyrotechnics. However, there are only 3 shows a night so make sure you queue up early [15 minutes before showtime] to avoid disappointment.


Our virgin experience to Halloween Horror Nights 4 is a rather tiring one. As we didn’t purchase the Halloween Horror Nights Express Pass which cost SGD$50 per person, we had to queue and stand at least 35 minutes on average for the haunted houses and relied on our mobile phones to occupy ourselves.

Although we found the scare level of Halloween Horror Nights 4 to be within our comfort zone, we generally don’t recommend it for children under 13 years of age as the event might be too intense.

Tickets to Halloween Horror Nights 4 are still available for October 10, 11, 17, 18, 22-25, 31 and November 1 so if you are interested to give yourself a good scare, you can purchase your tickets directly from the Halloween Horror Nights 4 Website.

For a more detailed and comprehensive review of Halloween Horror Nights 4, we highly recommend that you check out Dejiki’s Blog where there are quite a number of helpful tips.

This October, Universal Studios Singapore is set to bring your scariest nightmares to life once again. Since the launch of Halloween Horror Nights in 2011, it has been an annual event for all who dare to take up the challenge and conquer their fears; and this year’s Halloween Horror Nights 4 will deliver the most number of event nights with the most number of haunted houses and scare zones.

With the Minister of Evil taking office for Halloween Horror Nights 4, evil will be unleashed upon guests with Singapore’s first 3-D horror house experience.

Is he really the Minister of Goodwill?

As the iconic character for Halloween Horror Nights 4, the demonic Minister of Evil will bring with him an uprising and new social order. From city centres to schools and army barracks, demons will be awakened; clowns and fairy tales will turn loony; and urban legends will come alive. Guests will have nowhere to hide as the Minister of Evil unleashes ‘Demoncracy’ upon the park.

Minister of Goodwill is actually the Minister of Evil.

With four haunted houses and four immersive scare zones this year, the Minister of Evil has something sinister for everyone. The haunted houses will be located across New York zone and Lost World zone. Coulrophobia strikes as guests enter the world of a loony killer clown at Jack’s 3-Dementia; bullying in school takes a nasty twist when the victim returns to torment any who walk through the corridors at Jing’s Revenge; soldiers are put through sadistic training at Mati Camp and to top things off, evil aliens designed to extinguish the human race are born in test tubes at The L.A.B [Laboratory of Alien Breeding].

A new show will also be debuting at Pantages Hollywood Theater for the period of Halloween. Jack’s Nightmare Circus will feature aerial acrobats, contortionists and other freaky friends.

Halloween Horror Nights 4 runs for 13 nights over five weekends, from 3 – 5 October, 10 – 11 October, 17 – 18 October, 22 – 25 October, 31 October and 1 November 2014, from 7.30pm to 1.30am each evening. The theme park will close earlier at 6.00pm on event nights.

Selected rides and attractions will be open during the event, including TRANSFORMERS The Ride: The Ultimate 3D Battle and Shrek 4-D Adventure for guests looking to extend their day experience.

Early-bird special tickets, priced at SGD$60 [usual price SGD$68], will be available from 25 July onwards. To enhance the experience of the event, guests can choose to skip the queues with the premiere R.I.P Tour, escorted by a personal guide. Limited Early-bird R.I.P Tour packages are available at SGD$158 [usual price SGD$198], as well. The Frequent Fear Pass will also be making a comeback this year. Frequent Fear Passholders can revisit the event as many times as they like, on 7 of the 13 event nights [3 – 5, 10, 17, 22, 23 October] at a price of SGD$118.

Special pricing is also available for Resorts World Sentosa hotel guests, corporate and bulk purchases, Universal Studios Singapore Annual Passholders, and daytime theme park guests. RWS INVITES members enjoy an exclusive ticket price of SGD$50, as well as a priority admission into the park.

Halloween Horror Nights is a separately ticketed event and is not included with regular day admission to the theme park. Daytime guests who desire to “Stay & Scream” at Halloween Horror Nights 4 on the same evening may choose to upgrade their admission tickets at an additional cost of SGD$50.

For the convenience of outbound guests, RWS 8 shuttle bus services will be extended to 3.30am on event nights. Night Rider services will continue to operate during the weekends.

With more nights, more haunted houses, and scare zones, this year’s edition of Halloween Horror Nights is a must see, must experience event. Tickets will be selling like hotcakes and advance purchase is strongly recommended. Tickets are available from 25 July at www.halloweenhorrornights.com.sg, www.rwsentosa.com, or you can call +65 6577 8899.

However, do note that Halloween Horror Nights may be too intense for young children and it is not recommended for children below the age of 13. No costumes, masks, or face painting are allowed to the event.

Back stories of the haunted houses and details of the scare zones will be unveiled over the next few weeks on the event website at www.halloweenhorrornights.com.sg. Fans will not only gain exclusive sneak peeks into the event experience, but also stand to win horrific prizes on our social media platforms.

Are you ready for Demoncracy?