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We’re into the final month of the Great Singapore Sales 2013 [GSS2013] and in this entry, we will be featuring Nespresso’s awesome PIXIE coffee machine, and the three popular limited edition Variations that has become part of Nespresso’s permanent Grand Crus range!
The Nespresso PIXIE Coffee Machine.

The three most desired limited edition Variations- Vanilla, Dark Chocolate and Caramel will be brought back as part of Nespresso’s permanent Grand Crus range. The three flavours will be re-introduced as Vanilio, Ciocattino, and Caramelito Variations Grand Crus.

A month ago, we had the privilege of having a Nespresso PIXIE Coffee Machine loaned to us and it sports a new sleek, stainless steel-panel.

To collect our review set, we went down to the Nespresso Boutique at Ion Orchard and the place is really classy.

The Nespresso Boutique has quite a number of accessories that Nespresso Club Members can purchase and some of them include coffee cups and saucers.

These are not the colourful Nespresso coffee capsules. They are actually coffee cups.

There are different types of Nespresso Coffee Machines that are retailing at Nespresso’s Boutique Shop @ Ion Orchard and you will definitely be able to find one that will cater to your budget.

For the more trendy coffee connoisseurs, you can consider this “bling bling” Nespresso Coffee Machine.

After our rendezvous with the friendly people from Nespresso, we lug this huge amount of goodies home.

We were given a full set of Nespresso Coffee Capsules and they are really colourful. Due to the generosity of the friendly people at Nespresso, we have quite a couple of Nespresso Coffee Capsules leftover.

A milk frother was also loaned to us and it really comes in handy for making hot beverages like cappucino, mocha, and latte.

Using the Nespresso PIXIE Coffee Machine is a breeze. It takes only 25 to 30 seconds for the Nespresso PIXIE Coffee Machine to heat up and prepare a Nespresso Grand Cru Espresso or Lungo Coffee.

The addition of a black mat handle enhances the stylishness of the Nespresso PIXIE Coffee Machine.

The Nespresso PIXIE Coffee Machine is super easy to operate.

All you have to do is just lift the handle, pop the coffee capsule in……

Push down the handle, press the appropriate button, and there you go, a freshly made cup of hot coffee in less than a minute.

Like we mentioned, the Nespresso Aeroccino does comes in handy and you can use it to heat milk suitable for making a latte……

Or to heat up the milk to form milky froths and make a cup of Cappucino or Mocha.

From Nespresso 2013

We love having a cup of coffee served with Danish Butter Cookies! It’s heavenly!

Seriously, if you’re a coffee lover and you’re someone whom absolutely must have a cup of coffee every morning, you might want to consider getting the Nespresso PIXIE Coffee Machine. Not only does it satisfy your craving in an instant, the Nespresso PIXIE Coffee Machine is eco-friendly and saves energy too!

With the GSS2013 coming to an end soon, don’t miss out on Nespresso’s GSS Special because when you purchase any Nespresso Coffee Machine during this season, you can receive a $50 Club Credit that you can utilise to buy Nespresso’s Coffee Capsules and other accessories as well.

So hurry down to the nearest Nespresso Boutique near you!