Have you heard of Gobdigoun, a Korean skincare brand?
Well, I haven’t heard of Gobdigoun until Jacqueline was sharing with me about it and I’m always amazed at how she is always updated with the latest trends in the world of beauty and skincare; which is apparently not my forte (I’m a guy, duh!).

When Jacqueline shared with me about Gobdigoun, she had so many good things to say about the brand and what really caught my attention were the skincare products that they have to offer.

Gobdigoun’s bestselling products are the 24K Golden Cream Placenta Power, Placenta Cellulose Gel Bio Mask and Placenta Power Aging Corrector Eye Cream; and apparently, they are very popular in China, Taiwan, and Japan.


I honestly had no idea what Placenta is and so I did a Google Search and found out that the placenta is an organ that connects the developing foetus to the uterine wall to allow nutrient uptake, provide thermo-regulation to the foetus, waste elimination, gas exchange via the mother’s blood supply, fight against internal infection and produce hormones to support pregnancy.

In short, the placenta provides oxygen and nutrients to growing babies and removes waste products from the baby’s blood. So… after finding out what a placenta is; you can probably figure what went through my mind at that point of time. I really can’t imagine applying a Placenta Cellulose Gel Bio Mask on my face!


The placenta from Gobdigoun’s facial and skincare products comes from the sheep and celebrities such as Victoria Beckham, Eva Longoria and Madonna swear by their sheep placenta facials. Although placenta has been a pretty big trend, there’s been little analysis on the scientific side of things; so it’s impossible to say that placenta is a skincare miracle.

My experience of applying a Placenta Cellulose Gel Bio Mask on my face?


When Jacqueline applied the Placenta Cellulose Gel Bio Mask on my face, I must admit that although I cringed slightly at first, it really wasn’t that bad. I was expecting the facial mask to smell weird but to my surprise, it was pleasantly scented. The sensation was cooling on my face and after what seems like 30 minutes, my face was soft to the touch and it had that bouncy effect. Overall, the experience was very refreshing and my face appeared much radiant.


For the Placenta Cellulose Gel Bio Mask, it cost 120,000 South Korean Won (about SGD$150) for a box of 10 facial masks and this price does not include the cost of shipping.

Apart from the Placenta Cellulose Gel Bio Mask, Gobdigoun has many other skincare products available so do check out their Official Website for the entire range!


Keen to give Gobdigoun’s products a try?

Gobdigoun started business in Korea since 2010 and they don’t have any physical shop in Singapore. If you would like to place an order for their products; you can contact them via their Official Facebook Page and they will have your order shipped from Korea to Singapore.


Do also like Gobdigoun’s Facebook Page so that you can tune in to their exclusive promotions!