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Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet, and so are you! I’m not sure how many people would actually remember or have an inkling of this famous love poem but I do remember using it quite often whenever I write letters to my friends or fill up my profile on my friend’s autograph book.

Yes, this was pretty much how “the Facebook of my time” looks like when I was in primary school 2 decades ago and we usually “create” our profile on our friend’s autograph book at the start or end of the school year. One other thing that I would also do is to buy Christmas gifts for my friends and write Christmas wishes on greeting cards to send to them. Those times were indeed old-fashioned or even traditional but you know what, the principles and values of gift-giving are truly timeless.


The act of gift-giving has been carried out since the medieval times and the word, “gift” comes in the form of a noun (thing or object) or a verb (action word). A gift is a thing given willingly to someone without payment i.e. a present; and when you engage in gifting, it essentially means that you are giving (something) as a gift, especially formally or as a donation or bequest.

Gifts come in many forms and sometimes, it can be really hard to pick the right gifts for a person that you have in mind. When you get a gift for someone, here are some questions that you probably want to ask yourself:

How Much Do You Want to Spend?

Knowing how much you want to spend can significantly widen or narrow down your choices. Price is a major factor for consideration when you want to get a gift for someone else and usually, you wouldn’t mind splurging on your loved ones unless you’re on a tight budget.

Are There Any Existing Promotions/Discounts?

There are a lot of great deals and sales that take place throughout the year and for the online shopaholic, the best times to shop has to be black Friday, 11.11 and 12.12. The cost savings that you get from online sales will certainly go a long way if you’re planning to get gifts for a lot of people. One of my favourite e-commerce site to shop is definitely Lazada.

Is the Gift for a Lady or Man?

What does the Person Like and Dislike?

I’m pretty sure you will want to receive a gift that you really like instead of receiving one that you dislike. Similarly, knowing what a person like and dislike is super important because it really narrows down and zooms in on the choices of gifts that you can get for the person.

What are the Favourite Colours of the Person that You’re Getting the Gift for?

It is sometimes useful and helpful to know the favourite colours of the person that you’re getting the gift for so that you will save the hassle of having to do an exchange at the shop. If you’re getting an apparel or footwear, be sure that you know what is the shirt/shoe size of the person before you make that purchase or better still, bring the person down to the shop.

How Are You Related to the Person that You’re getting the Gift for?

I’m pretty sure you will spend more on the person who is closest to you but if you’re getting gifts for your family members, friends, and office colleagues; what you get for them can vary greatly from person to person.

What is the Occasion?

Last but not least, it is equally important to know what the occasion is that you’re giving the person a gift for. There are different types of gifts for different occasions. Shopping for a graduation gift or Christmas gift, for example, can be quite different from shopping for a birthday gift or even an anniversary gift. Know why you’re giving what you’re giving.

I hope that this article has been helpful and if you haven’t got the time to do your Christmas shopping, here’s where Mel’s White Glove can help you! Mel’s White Glove can help you to procure suitable gifts, offer you some gift recommendations, make gift purchases on your behalf, and hand-deliver the gift for you!

Valentine’s Day is just 11 days away and for most couples like us, Valentine’s Day is a rather special day for us to spend lavishly and shower our loved ones with gifts of love, gratitude and appreciation. So, I have been thinking really hard about how I am going to plan a romantic Valentine’s Day Date with Baby and to begin with, I started embarking on the hunt for flowers!
Before I begin; in my honest opinion, flowers are a perfect gift for the ladies; unless of course, she is one whom don’t really fancy flowers. But truly, flowers does brighten up a person’s mood [especially ladies] and it is a perfect gift for ladies to receive. What’s more, your other half will definitely be the envy of others; especially in an office setting!

Well, I am no newbie when it comes to ordering bouquet of flowers on the Internet and so far, Humming is the only online flower retail shop that left the most positive impression on me. The last time I placed an order from Humming was just 5 months ago when I wanted to give Baby a really sweet surprise and well, it was a really pleasant surprise for her indeed. I got her the “In Love With You” by Humming and it consists of a Me To You “Love” Cushion Tatty Teddy in a bed of beautiful Roses and Statices.

The Me to You Teddy Bear is just so adorable right?!

From Humming Valentine’s Day 2013

Baby named the Me to You Teddy Bear as Love Bear!

From Humming Valentine’s Day 2013

This time round, Humming was really kind to sponsor me a bouquet of flowers from their latest Valentine’s Day Collection that they have launched and I placed an order for the “Precious Petals” hand bouquet. The “Precious Petals” hand bouquet consists of 4 Stalks of Pink Roses, 4 Stalks of Bandung Roses, and 4 Stalks of Red Roses with Pink Hydrangea and because there are 12 Stalks of Roses in total, it basically meant “Be Mine” or “Heart to Heart” in the language of flowers. So, this is a perfect hand bouquet to give to a girl if you’re planning to ask her to be your girlfriend.

From Humming Valentine’s Day 2013

The bouquet of flowers that I placed an order for arrived at the stipulated date and time and well, Baby was really surprised that she rang me up and asked why she received a bouquet of flowers when it was not even nearing our monthsary! So guys, the lesson here is that if you’re planning to throw a surprise for your girlfriend, do it randomly so that it catches her off guard. 🙂

The Romance Torch that ignites the Flames of Love; so strong and fiery that I was so stunned!

From Humming Valentine’s Day 2013

I really wonder…

From Humming Valentine’s Day 2013

Here’s a photo of Baby “Zi Lian-ing” with the pretty flowers from Humming.

From Humming Valentine’s Day 2013

Well, for all the gentlemen out there, if you’re planning to propose to your girlfriend on Valentine’s Day, Humming’s “99 Kisses” is the best hand bouquet to give with the proposal ring! Not only will it attract the greatest attention, but you outrightly declare to the whole world that you will love your [fiancee-to-be/wife-to-be] till you die! So, if you’re searching for a 99-roses hand bouquet for proposal, you can consider’s Humming’s “99 Kisses”!

[Photo Courtesy of Humming]

From Humming Valentine’s Day 2013

If you’re interested to find out what other hand bouquets that Humming has to offer, do check out their website via the following link: http://www.hummings.com/cart/eshop/by_category/show/Valentines%20Day%202013_398_/

Also, Humming not only has flowers specially for Valentine’s Day but they also have Hampers and Gifts for other occasions such as Chinese New Year, Birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and even for Housewarming too!

To be kept updated about Humming’s latest promotion and updates, do like Humming’s Facebook Page and follow them on Twitter!

Stay tuned to more updates from us!

God bless!
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