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We were recently invited to a game of Wongamania with other bloggers and through the interactive card game, all of us had a very engaging and fulfilling time learning about asset management under different economic market cycles. Designed by independent games studio, Capital Gains LLP, Wongamania contains 143 cards with 53 uniquely designed artwork and interactive content that makes learning about economics, assets, taxes, and interest rates, fun and interesting. The card game can accommodate 2 to 6 players.

What We Think About Wongamania?

In all honesty, we are so glad that this game was created because it allowed us to learn how the different economic market cycles can hinder our ability to accumulate assets and understand what kind of assets would allow us to have an advantage over others in a given economic market cycle.

The 3 basic types of assets that are used in in Wongamania are stocks, properties, and bonds; and in Wongamania, players would be able to learn about these assets and how they can leverage on them to accumulate wealth! What is true for Wongamania is also true in real life application because the financial-savvy Singaporean would probably invest in these 3 assets to accumulate wealth for retirement! However, despite investing in these 3 assets, many people do not really understand how the economic market cycle can affect their investments and hence, often do not see the returns that they expected.

A game of Wongamania can take between 30 to 60 minutes; depending on how players intend to outwit and outthink one another so as to survive the trials and tribulations that the financial markets throw at them. The following picture shows three opportunity cards that players can utilise to sabotage other players.

The learning curve of the game might be slightly steep for new players but with more practise and getting used to, Wongamania is indeed a very challenging but fun card game. We definitely recommend this game to all teenagers and adults who would like to learn about the principles of economics and investments.

If you are a big fan of the Rich Dad Cashflow Classic Game, we are quite sure you would love and enjoy Wongamania! In fact, it is even more fun than the Monopoly Deal Card Game!

To purchase the Wongamania Card Game at an exclusive price of SGD$30, you can check out the Wongamania Crowdtivate Event but do hurry as the closing date is on 14 November 2014. Should you miss out on the Wongamania Crowdtivate Event, do like Capital Gains Group Facebook Page for more updates so that you can be kept informed about the official release date of Wongamania and where you can purchase it.

Get Ready For A Wongamaniac Time!