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Kauai is an island located in the central region of the Pacific Ocean. More specifically, it’s an island in the state of Hawaii and the fourth-largest member of that archipelago. Most of its surface is covered by tropical rainforest, giving it the nickname of ‘the Garden Isle’. Even if you don’t know it, you’ve likely seen the breathtaking pinnacles and cliffs of the Na Pali coast, since they’ve been a frequent setting for numerous television shows and blockbuster films. If you happen to visit there and you love hiking, you should check out the Waimea Canyon or the Nounou Trails that lead to the Sleeping Giant mountain ridge.

Even though Kauai offers lots of captivating sights on land, its real visual treasures are lurking under the waters off her shores. While scuba diving anywhere in the state of Hawaii is a great experience, it’s particularly special here in Kauai as it isn’t as touristy or crowded as others. In fact, less than 100,000 people call this island home.

In recent times, scuba diving has gotten popular due to its unique combination of unrivalled adventure, the opportunity to see the glories of nature with your own eyes, and a strong workout along the way.

As a form of recreational activity, scuba diving is truly exciting because you get the opportunity to get up close and personal with marine life; and in some locations, it’s even possible to visit coral reefs, caves, and underwater shipwrecks.

Although scuba diving is usually safe, it does entail some risks and if you’d like to join other scuba divers to scuba dive, find the best scuba diving instructor who will give you the best instruction so that you can learn to scuba dive safely. Look for instructors certified by professional bodies like The National Association of Underwater Instructors or The Professional Association of Diving Instructors. Both NAUI and PADI can also give you lots of information about scuba diving and as well as suggest good places to go scuba diving around Kauai.

Although a diving certification is usually required in most locations, you can learn to scuba dive while in Kauai. So, why not begin your diving journey where it’s beautiful and memorable?

Alternatively, you can take basic lessons at a scuba diving school from where you are based and then transfer your partial certification to Kauai for your open-water dive.

If you’re new to scuba diving and affordability is a concern, rent your scuba diving equipment instead of buying them. Some of the scuba diving gears and equipment that are available for rental include the snorkel, mask, fins, exposure suit, regulator, tanks, weights, and buoyancy compensators. Owning or buying all of these could wind up costing you more than a grand. If you’re just looking for a one-time or the occasional scuba diving experience, then renting certainly makes financial sense. It’s also a lot less to carry on the plane.

Anytime you visit Hawaii is bound to be a good one, but if you visit Kauai, be ready for the beauty and adventure that are waiting for you under those blue waves.