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Last Sunday, we were at the Golden Mile Food Centre to have a really special bowl of fishball noodles and we must say, it was so good that one serving was really not enough.

Founded by Douglas Ng, a 23-year old young chap whom used to run and manage 3+1, a Chinese Restaurant in Tanjong Pagar, and assisted by his sister, Jocelyn Ng, whom was previously an F&B trainer for a 5-star hotel; the dynamic duo is set to take hawker fare by storm.

Now, what’s really so special about the fishballs is that they are lovingly made using 100% pure and fresh yellow-tail fish meat. Yes, 100% fish meat with absolutely no flour used!

Many a times when we dine out with my parents, we often hear them lament about how fishballs aren’t like what they used to be in the past. In fact, many fishball noodles stores use factory-made/processed fishballs that often contain lots of flour and food additives/preservatives.

If you want to know how real fishballs should taste like, you must check out Fishball Story. The fishballs are handmade from scratch and Douglas makes them every day early in the morning at 4am! That’s really some serious effort and determination by Douglas in wanting to serve nothing but the best to his customers!

When we were there last Sunday at around noon time, we waited for about 20 minutes to be served and thankfully, we managed to get our bowl of fishball noodles as they were sold out at 2PM!

Apart from the fishballs, we also like the fish cakes that are speckled with some chilli and scallions. It was such a delightful treat that we wish we could have it every day to go along with some Teochew Muay [Teochew Porridge]. For just SGD$3 for a bowl of fishball noodles or a bowl of fishball soup, we give it two thumbs-up!

To have a taste of what real fishballs are made of, be sure to head down to Fishball Story at Golden Mile Food Centre before 3PM to avoid any disappointment; considering the fact that Douglas makes a limited quantity of handmade fishballs and they sell-out rather quickly. We’re pretty sure that as time goes by, the fishball noodles will be more refined as Douglas tries to improve and tweak the recipe to diners’ liking and the queue will definitely be longer than before.

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Fish Ball Story
#01-85, Golden Mile Hawker Centre, Beach Road
Hours: 10.30am-5pm daily