Hello Everyone,
while we were dealing with the MRT Breakdown crisis yesterday, apparently this guy from New Jersey [also known as FadedHolySoldier] came up with videos and insulted us Asians and Singaporeans.

First and foremost, my stand is this, that people be treated with respect and equality, no racial discrimination or whatsoever. Singapore is a multi-racial country comprising of Chinese, Malay, Indians, Eurasians and etc. ;And Asians are people living in the continent of Asia [Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and etc.]

Well, in my culture [especially the Chinese culture], surnames are treated with utmost respect because it represents the family name. Toying around with our family names is equivalent to insulting our family. We respect and honour our elders, parents and etc.

Secondly, I believe that rude gestures and vulgar languages are not necessary because it kinda shows how uncivilised people are. There is no one size fits all kind of communication. When we communicate in Asia, we have different levels of communication because we treat people with respect, dignity, and sincerity. But when someone launched an attack on us personally, we will retaliate because we are humans and we have every right to define our pride.

Thirdly, while I do understand the pent-up frustrations we have with regards to the governance of Singapore. We appreciate the fact that Singapore is a really safe country. Our stand on drugs are rigid and firm because we strongly believe that it causes more harm than good to an individual or the society.

Lastly, I hope that this issue can be resolved diplomatically and with sensitivity. While I have to admit that some of the comments were childish and immature, I have to say that this was the result of an even immature video posted up by HolyFadedSoldier whom is no different from Aaron Tan. At the very least, I was hoping that he would be apologetic enough to say sorry. Is it really difficult to say sorry?

The videos can be viewed right from Youtube. Viewer’s discretion is strongly advised.

Part 1 [this video that started the whole fiery comments]

Part 2 [this video which I guess pissed almost everyone off]

Part 3 [this video that defended his stand]

Part 4 [this video where he ropes in a friend to speak up for him]

And one of the many video responses by Singaporeans

This is by Dee Kosh and one which I felt is really a balanced viewpoint, hence the reason why I’m putting it up