creative ways to decor home garden


Your home deserves better.

Better than having a piece of drawing placed absent-mindedly in some hidden corner of the house or a bit of spray paint here and there. Don’t get me wrong; the use of artworks or paints aren’t bad when it comes to giving your home a new look, but what actually matters is how they are being applied.

Here are some tips on how you can add some glam and colour to your home.

1.    Lighting Matters

A lot of homes are properly styled with mind-blowing decorations but what many homeowners may not realise is that their homes lack proper lighting systems. With a tinge of creativity, you can turn a dimly-lit space into one that stands out! You can even bring your ideas outdoor and apply light sources between trees and plants; creating a beautiful sight to behold.

2.     Black and White Colour Patterns

Vintage and the classic black and white colour pattern is the rage right now. From the walls, chairs, tables, pillows, floor to just about anything, you can choose to have them all follow a particular colour pattern but remember to mix and match them evenly.

3.     An Infusion of Nature

Nature itself is beautiful because it has its own unique vibes and style. By simply having a vase of flowers or a bowl of fruits in your space, it fills your home with a sense of tranquillity and peace that keeps you grounded. Even a hanging pot of plants will do the trick as it changes the feel of the space.

4.     Hanging Egg Chair

The garden is the best spot to have a hanging egg chair, especially if you enjoy listening to music or reading a book at a space that is chill and relaxed.

5.     Galvanised Metal Bucket Flower Planter Display

Want more decor ideas for your garden? Look at this. Creativity simply means creating something out of nothing with just about anything. Recall those old metal buckets in your house? Don’t they remind you of simpler times- that subtle feeling of peace? Arrghh…  such an irreplaceable feeling! They should not be left to rust in the store- should they? Bring them out, use them for the planting of flowers. Even the rusty ones in mom’s backyard would instantly create the vintage look that you are going after.

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Wrapping Up

Don’t freak out. Those ideas you think that are nowhere near creative could just be very much creative as long as you’re ready to express them. It’s in you so trust your instincts!