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Do you know that the main obstacle to getting a promotion is yourself?

Can’t see how it is possible?

Well, to put it simply, the opinion that people around you (including your boss), builds of your person, and your performance influences the final decision. Naturally, there are measurable metrics, such as monitoring your productivity but what can make it a win or a fail is the impression that others have of you. You may be hardworking and qualify for a promotion but if your attitude and look send the wrong impression, then you’ll never get anywhere.

Here are four ways to change your boss’s mind and get that well-deserved promotion.

1. Dress for the Part

It’s as simple as that; if you want to become a team manager, you need to dress and act like a team manager. No, that doesn’t mean telling your co-workers off for turning up late, but instead, it’s about adopting the essential traits of the role you want.

In other words, you might want to have a look at the latest office fashion to upgrade your wardrobe and while you’re at it, consider getting an auto loan to upgrade your car that speaks of power. The rules of the business game are pretty straightforward; people find it easy to imagine you in a position if you’re already behaving like you have it.

2. Improve Your Communication

The way you express your ideas, your enthusiasm, and your feedback, can indicate whether you can be trusted with bigger responsibilities. But more importantly, the way you make others feel through your behavior and unspoken communication can get you through any business door successfully. Little things like maintaining eye contact and managing stress can make a big difference in how confident other feel about you.

3. Improve Your Skills

Getting a promotion means that you will naturally need to apply a different kind of knowledge and skillset. More often than not, you’ll need a deeper understanding of your existing skills which you can get via training. While it’s not always easy to justify training investment within a business (especially if you’re training for a personal purpose), you can find a lot of online material to help you through. Google, for example, is providing free training for Google Analytics via its Academy and it provides a mix of theory and examples of best practices. If you work in the marketing and web design area, Google Analytics will be a tool that you need to use.

4. Go the Extra Mile

The extra mile makes all the difference between an employee who works and an employee who cares. It’s about making sure that you deliver the best possible results, even if it implies staying a little longer after 5 PM, or researching your project a little more thoroughly than you’d have thought. Employers are quick to notice high-quality work and to reward it trophys. Be careful though, Going the extra mile doesn’t mean accepting unrealistic workload or staying up all night to finish a task. It’s about giving all your attention to each project and it’s not something that you can do if you’re aiming to take on more than you can bite.

Try these four tips that we have to impress your employer to give you your dream promotion but bear in mind that none of these will work if you’re not passionate about what you do in the first place!

It is not a an easy task to create a team of employees that is a perfect fit for your business. In fact, when you manage to create an ideal team for your business’ needs, you will naturally want to hold onto them for as long as possible. However, doing so isn’t always an easy task.

As every business owner knows, holding onto a team is never easy but with that being said, it’s not impossible to keep hold of your team. More often than not, it’s just a case of knowing the steps that you need to take to keep them onboard. To hold onto your amazing team, here are some suggested hacks that you can take note of and implement:

  • Operate An Open Door Policy

By operating an open door policy, you make your team members feel valued. Tell them that they can come to you about anything and that you will listen to their concerns. Whether they want to discuss an idea that they have for a new project or have a personal problem that they need support with, be there for them. An open door policy fosters a relationship that is built on open communication, which is what all employees crave. Having a boss that they can openly talk to is something that is highly valuable to the majority of people.

  • Help Them Progress

Don’t be the kind of employer that holds their employees back. Climbing the career ladder is important for your employees, just like it was for you, so don’t make the mistake of holding them back. Instead, be supportive of their career aspirations and do everything that you can to help them progress. Offer specialist training, such as signing them up to one of the classes that Training Connection offer so that it can help them improve their skills and build their resume. Always advertise jobs internally before sharing them externally. Employers that promote from within tend to keep their team members for longer than employers that don’t promote from within.

  • Thank Them

Paying your employees isn’t enough because the fact is, people appreciate being personally thanked for things. If a team member has brought in a new client, thank them for it. If they have worked hard on a project and got some incredible results, then it pays to thank them. Whether by simply saying thank you, giving them a round of applause at the next meeting, or giving them a little bonus; it doesn’t matter, just as long as your team knows that you appreciate their hard work.

  • Create A Nice Working Environment

People value a nice working environment; which is why it is so important to create a place that is nice to work in. When it comes to the layout of your office and the facilities that are available, it’s important to be mindful of what your team wants from their workplace. A great way to ensure that you are giving your employees what they need is to ask them what they want from their workplace. Send out a feedback form and use the feedback that you receive to create a nice working environment.

Tried one of the hacks above? Feel free to share your comments and let us know how the hacks have worked out for you!