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Did you know that two seconds is all it takes or thirty seconds at most, for people to assess your likeability, confidence, warmth, trustworthiness, status and competence? It happens subconsciously. The way you smile, your gait, posture, dressing and how you present yourself is all evaluated in that half a minute.
So, how can you nail your one shot at making a good first impression?

In an article published by Forbes, there are 5 ways to make a killer first impression:

1. Set An Intention
2. Think About Your Ornaments (what we’ll be focusing on in this post)
3. Be Conscious Of Your Body Language
4. Avoid Bad Days
5. Be Interested And Interesting

Clothes, make-up, jewellery, watches and shoes are all types of ornamentation and people definitely take these into account when making initial judgments. For many men, they do not realise that their watch can say a lot about them. For women, purses and large earrings or jewellery can also indicate a lot to a new person they are meeting. Make sure that what you are wearing and how you do your hair or make-up says what you want it to say to the people you are meeting for the first time.

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Going a step further in helping men look their best; ColorWash and The General Company teamed up for a joint workshop to share tips and tricks on leather usage and care to get the most mileage out of ones’ belongings.

More often than not, shoes are the first thing anyone notices about you, be it during a job interview or if you’re getting out there on the dating scene. Selecting the perfect pair of shoes is a step in the right direction, but maintenance is everything. Clean and well-maintained footwear not only looks better, it will also help them go the distance with you.


While cleaning and polishing shoes are part of the basics to shoecare, do also remember to invest in a pair of unfinished shoetrees. Not only are they very adept at sponging up moisture and disagreeable odors, they also allow recently worn leather shoes to contract and dry-out to their ideal shape.

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In the event you get caught in a downpour, stuff your leather shoes with crumpled newspaper and dry them gently with a hair dryer. A point to note though, high heat at a close distance can cause severe damage to leather. Before they are completely dry, insert shoetrees to make sure they dry-out evenly and maintain their shape. Shoes of other materials can be stuffed with newspaper as it is great at absorbing moisture.

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When you stuff your belongings with newspaper, do wrap the newspaper with clean tracing paper to prevent ink stains. The same procedure goes for your briefcases and folios, but stuff them with butter paper or tracing paper (not shoetrees). If you accidentally swipe your folio with a pen or gotten food stains on it, wipe them down with ColorWash’s Soft Cleaner Wipes for a quick and efficient clean. They are available at ColorWash outlets for SGD$4.90!

Don’t neglect your belts and watchstraps too! Treat them right with leather conditioner to extend their life expectancy as it can help deter moisture and filth. If that belt you are wearing has been with you for a while now, you should all the more be kinder to it. Lightly scrub the belt on both sides with a banister brush (covered with soap), dab it clean, and dry it with a hair-dryer that is held at least 15cm away from the belt.

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Lastly, first impressions stick so stack all the odds in your favour and try to make as good a showing as possible.

If maintaining and keeping your personal accessories in a pristine condition is too much work for you; head down to the nearest ColorWash Singapore outlets.

They have a team of experienced specialists who are trained in the most effective and current methods of protection, cleaning and colouring. The experts individually assess the items that are sent in. If required, ColorWash also offers the High Density Transparent Coating, which acts as an overcoat for bags and shoes.

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