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Coffee Nowhere [can also pronounce as Coffee Now Here] first started its operations in Malaysia and it is so popular that they expanded overseas and started its first flagship store in idyllic Rochester Park, Singapore. To accommodate more café goers, Coffee:Nowhere at Rochester Park shifted its entire Food & Beverage [F&B] operations to West Coast Plaza.

I had the privilege of dining there a few days ago and I had the honour of meeting Mr Welson Ang, the Chief Executive Officer [CEO] of Coffee:Nowhere. Just so you know, Mr Welson Ang is also the owner of multiple businesses such as ExpressPrint in Singapore and he is a very successful entrepreneur.

Our Personal Opinion/Review of Coffee:Nowhere

Coffee:Nowhere occupies a rather big space at West Coast Plaza and the ambience is very cosy and comfortable. Employing the self-service style like Starbucks and The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, a major plus point of dining at Coffee:Nowhere is that all of its F&B prices indicated on the menu are nett-pricing.

Whether you are dining individually or with a big group of friends, Coffee:Nowhere can cater to everyone because like I mentioned, the dining area is huge.

Personally, I really like the cosy corner that Coffee:Nowhere has specially created for individuals to do some quiet reading. If Coffee:Nowhere has another outlet in the North-Eastern part of Singapore [hopefully in Punggol] and it offers such a cosy corner as well, you will definitely find me there every single day!

In terms of the F&B offered at Coffee:Nowhere, the menu is pretty extensive and it has a lot of variety to suit the most pickiest diners. I personally feel that the appetisers and main courses are palatable and pretty tasty. The portions were also reasonable and I really enjoyed the desserts that Coffee:Nowhere has to offer.

Apart from the rather delightful F&B offerings, what I am most impressed with, was the retail space that sells specialty coffee beans and coffee brewing devices!

As a former Barista, I really like the idea of grinding my own coffee beans and brewing my own coffee because only then will I really appreciate every single cup of coffee that I drink.

Occasionally, Coffee:Nowhere conducts coffee appreciation workshops at their Brew Bar and Mr Ian Consulta [as seen in the following photo] is Q Grader certified and is Coffee:Nowhere’s Executive Consultant.

When I was at Coffee:Nowhere, Mr Ian Consulta showed us three different methods of brewing coffee; in particular, Syphon, Aeropress, and Pour Over. Just so you know, all three different methods of brewing coffee produces a different taste even though all of them uses the same coffee bean. 


Pour Over


If you would like to brew your own coffee, Coffee:Nowhere has this Aerobie® AeroPress® Coffee & Espresso Maker and I highly recommend it because it is highly portable, durable, and brews a richer and smoother cup of coffee.

In case you are wondering, Coffee:Nowhere is selling the Aerobie® AeroPress® Coffee & Espresso Maker for only SGD$65 and that is way cheaper than getting an Espresso Coffee Machine that cost hundreds of dollars.

Should you be staying in the far west and you wish to check out Coffee:Nowhere, they are open from 10am to 10pm daily at West Coast Plaza.

Will Coffee:Nowhere be Singapore’s best café?

Let us know what you think!