Hello Everyone,
its two more days to the New Year and I am extremely excited about the coming year as it will be rather happening and eventful for me.

Some Things That I Look Forward to in the Year 2012
1). 1 Year Anniversary with Baby
2). Turning 24
3). Completion of My Degree Programme
4). ORD
5). Embarking On My New Career
6). Surprise Surprise

When I think about 2012, I thank God for the many tomorrows. But more than just thanking God for the tomorrows, I thank God for the many yesterdays as well.

Some Memorable Things To Remember in 2011
1). My First Overseas Trip with Aldaias
2). My First Date with Baby
3). My Posting to OCS Hotel Wing After BMT
4). The Personal Lessons I’ve Learnt While in Hotel Wing
5). Completing 1000 Sit-Ups and Earning the Hotel Wing Emblem
6). Put Out-Of-Course After The Start of Pro-Term Due to Injury
7). My First Prawning Experience
8). My First Birthday Celebration with Baby
9). My Many Dining Experiences @ Tons of Restaurants with Baby
9). My First Overseas Trip with Baby
10). My First Surgery

God has indeed been faithful to me and I thank Him that although its been a tough 2011 for me, I have managed to overcome the many challenges and obstacles that came across my path. Thank God for the favour of men because I am indeed blessed to be where I am now and to be whom I’m meant to be. I thank God for my parents whom have always been supportive of all that I do. I thank God for Baby because she has taught me to love wholeheartedly and to give unconditionally. There are just so many endless things that I want to thank God for that it would take me ages to type this whole blog entry.

Well, I may not know how you [yes, you, the person reading this blog entry] are feeling right now. I may not know the troubles and challenges that you might be encountering or facing right now. But take heart that these trials are just temporary and are meant to shape your character and destiny. We all have a choice in life to be successful. We either choose to succeed or we choose to fail. But I pray that you will have the wisdom to make the right decision to choose to succeed in life! When life isn’t a bed of roses, remember Who wore the thorns. Jesus suffered for us so that we would never have too much to bear.

I like this quote by Helen Keller, “Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, vision cleared, ambition inspired, and success achieved.” and I pray that you too will be inspired.

Before I end off this last entry for the year, many of you must be wondering what presents I have received from Baby and what presents have I gotten for Baby during Christmas.

Well, I received tons of presents from Baby

A Hand-Made Card which she really spent lots of efforts on

From Christmas 2011
From Christmas 2011

Furry Blanket so that I can sleep with warmth

From Christmas 2011

Memory Foam Pillow so that I can sleep sweetly

From Christmas 2011

Tumbling Monkey Game Set to remind me of my monkey face and hairy arms

From Christmas 2011

In fact, Baby gotten more presents for me than I gotten for her. So, I’m extremely grateful and thankful for her thoughtful gifts and yes, I am indeed blessed and loved!

Well, as for the present which I gave to Baby, I specially created a photo album of the times we spent together in 2011. Its really nothing compared to the many presents that she have given to me. What you’re seeing is just a snapshot of the album. I got the whole album printed by Fotohub and the results were just fabulous. The quality is somewhat similar to those of wedding albums!

From Christmas 2011

But more than just receiving gifts after gifts, the best gift that I have received this year is Baby herself. I know your hairs must be standing on its ends right now, but truly, the best gift to give and receive is love, not luxurious material goods. So make this a priority for the year 2012, to choose to love the people closest to you.

Happy Holidays Everyone~!

Hello Everyone,
I believe Christmas this year must have been an exciting time for all of us. For the both of us personally, we pretty much enjoyed ourselves over the last few days as it was the first time that we spent Christmas together. Well, in this blog entry and the next few entries, we are going to share with you what we did for Christmas and the various gifts we bought for one another, and you might perhaps be able to use some of these ideas in future for birthdays, Valentine’s day, or any other special occasion.

Before we begin this entry, we would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Jason for winning the GV Christmas Gift Card worth $35.

So, prior to Christmas, Baby and I were planning what to give to each other. And so, my very first present for Christmas from Baby was a NESCAFÉ® Dolce Gusto® Piccolo™. Well, being coffee lovers ourselves, Baby decided that this present was ideal as we could both share and use it. Excited about using this coffee-making machine, we set it up and tried playing around with the machine.

From Christmas 2011
From Christmas 2011
From Christmas 2011
From Christmas 2011
From Christmas 2011
From Christmas 2011
From Christmas 2011

As a professional Barista, I must say that this coffee-making machine is definitely ideal for home and travel use as it is compact and extremely portable. The professional 15-bar pressure system which is present in the machine [and is similar to the coffee-making machines of Starbucks or Coffee Bean], is the main key to the perfect cup of coffee. However, this machine alone will not make you the same standard of coffee beverage that is served at Starbucks. Coffee-making is an art and it requires skillful combination of milk and coffee to make that perfect cup of coffee.

If you’re just an average coffee drinker whom often goes to Starbucks and not a serious coffee connoisseur, then you might just want to consider getting this machine as it comes with 4 complimentary boxes [of different coffee flavour/type] for you to make different types of coffee, all of that which cost $199 at major retailers. Not only that, it is easy to maintain and clean, and it comes with warranty as well. This will save you huge amounts of money from frequenting Starbucks. If you’re thinking of what to get as a gift for your loved ones, this might just be a perfect gift!

For more information about NESCAFÉ® Dolce Gusto® and their products, check out their facebook page <–

In our next few entries, we would be sharing with you more about our Christmas experience at Klapsons Boutique Hotel, Shaw Premiere Cinema, and the various gifts that we got for one another, so stay tuned!