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For all you fans of Betjeman & Barton Singapore, do you know that Betjeman & Barton Singapore has launched an online retail shop where you can purchase your favourite teas with no hassle? Well, if you frequent the physical Betjeman & Barton Singapore tea boutique at Raffles City Shopping Centre, you probably would have some favourite tea flavours in mind and ordering them online would now be so convenient!

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Last week, we were at the Betjeman & Barton Singapore tea boutique at Raffles City Shopping Centre and there are some new tea selections that tea connoisseurs can look forward to. If you are an adventurous person and you absolutely can’t wait to try new stuffs, heading down to the physical store would be a good idea but be prepared though; you might be so awestruck by the beautiful and intricately-designed tea caddies filled with the goodness and pleasant scents of the tea leaves that you might want to consider buying the whole tea boutique!

When we were there, Agnès Defontaine, one of the co-owners of Betjeman & Barton, flew specially from France to Singapore and conducted a small tea tasting session and we certainly learnt a lot about tea from her.

Sampling some lovely tea during the tea tasting session at Betjeman & Barton Singapore.

It was overall an enjoyable session with Agnès and should you be interested in such tea tasting session, do subscribe to Betjeman & Barton Singapore’s Newsletter or alternatively, check out Betjeman & Barton Singapore’s Facebook Page.

With exactly 10 more days to Christmas, should you still be cracking your head for Christmas gift ideas, how about getting some premium tea collections from Betjeman & Barton Singapore? We’re pretty sure your tea-loving friends will adore you for that!

Feeling creative and artsy today? Having a headache shopping for Christmas gifts for your artsy friends? Well, with Naiise, your worries are over because they have a wide selection of designer products that are not commonly found in Singapore.
Founded in early 2013 by Dennis Tay, Naiise is a company that hopes to better people’s life through design. With the belief that design can be relevant to everyone and that design can come in all shapes and sizes, whether high or low priced, Naiise stocks designer products across many product categories.

In lieu that Christmas is fast approaching, we have shortlisted 5 really cool, functional, and unique gifts that you might want to consider getting for your family and loved ones!

Velity Cubed Whiskey Stones Set, SGD $29

Enjoy a few drinks without the dreaded dilution with Velity Cubed Whiskey Stones! With the Velity Cubed Whiskey Stones, alcoholics can now say no to watered down spirits and yes to mouth watering flavour! These soapstone cubes are non-porous, so they won’t absorb any substances that come into contact with them! Perfectly designed for everyday, the Velity Cubed Whiskey Stones Set makes a suitable gift for all your alcoholic friends.

Rei Camera Bag by Aide de Camp, SGD $349

Aide de Camp bags are designed to combine both style and utility, supporting the modern woman and her busy lifestyle. Designed by Michele Ng, Aide de Camp camera bags are lightweight and comes with spacious compartments and removable padding, ideal for women who want to carry camera gear and personal items in a discreet and fashionable way.

Rei Camera Bag boasts a sleek silhouette, ideal for stylish dinner parties and evenings out. This sleek, compact bag still makes room for a DSLR camera or a mirrorless four-third camera and lens. Get the stylish and fashionable Rei Camera Bag for your female shutterbug friend.

Lazerwood Keys for Apple Wireless Keyboard, SGD $64.90

Started in Seattle by designer Erick Waldman, Lazerwood is the first maker of beautiful, real wood skins for your favourite gadgets such as the iPhones, Beats headphones, and Apple Keyboards, all without detracting from the gadgets’ beautiful design.

Available in walnut or cherry wood, these thin adhesive-backed wood pieces adhere to the keys firmly and the characters and symbols are laser cut with beautiful precision. A suitable gift for the Apple fanboy/fangirl.

Snakkes Wall Lamp by Danish Design Co, SGD $569

Snakkes is a wall-mounted LED “speaking” board that is created to light up the wall and to write a text or comment on with a white board marker pen. With Snakkes, you can now save the planet, express your mood, and say it with light! “Snakkes” in Norwegian means “talk to you later”. It would be something you would say to someone when parting from them or leaving a message. An extremely pricey gift but a suitable one for your very artsy friends whom have just gotten his/her Build-To-Order [BTO] flat.

Havana Breeze Shoe Bag by Shubacs, SGD $35

Shoe bags need not always look drab. With Shubacs’ collection of shoe bags that are specially designed to complement your fashion sense while bridging the different roles you play in life; whether from work to gym or from school to the soccer field; it’ll fit right between work and serious play. Constructed in hardy canvas, this shoe bag is perfect for sailing the high seas, with enough room to carry your footwear and some extra space for a towel and a change of fresh clothes. Now that’s something to get for the fitness buffs!

Happy Shopping!