Cavalia Singapore Tickets


In less than 8 days’ time, the Asian premiere of Cavalia will be galloping to Singapore and the grand-scale multi-media show featuring 50 horses and 43 artists from around the world will play under the gleaming White Theatre Tent at Bayfront Avenue, beside the Sands Expo and Convention Centre, on 12 August 2014.
Cavalia is a lavish production involving 50 magnificent horses and featuring 43 riders, aerialists, acrobats, dancers and musicians from all over the world. A show unlike any other, Cavalia is a harmonious celebration of beauty and nature, encompassing imagery that whisks the spectator’s imagination around the earth over land and sea by displaying a vast array of equestrian and performing arts. Supported by state-of-the-art multimedia, Cavalia can be described as an epic adventure, a fantastic demonstration of horsemanship that transports the audience into virtual atmospheres. Enjoyed by more than 4 million spectators across the world, Cavalia virtually reinvents the equestrian arts.

[Image Credits to Cavalia]

In Cavalia, horses cavort with the many artists in front of a constantly changing digital background projected onto a 60 metre-wide screen, drawing spectators into dream-like environments. Unlike traditional horse shows, Cavalia’s audience faces a single 50 metre-wide stage which allows the horses space to gallop at full speed, at times running completely free, unfettered by bridles or halters. The show takes place under a white, 2,440-square-metre big top, rising some 35 metres high that gives the horses an ample playground to perform with their trainers and artists. Cavalia’s White Theatre Tent is the largest touring tent in the world.

[Image Credits to Cavalia]

Cavalia has received critical acclaim from around the world. The Washington Post described the show as “Horseplay of the highest order”. Las Vegas Magazine claimed it is “One of the most spectacular hybrids of modern theater in the world”, The Toronto Star said “A new fairy tale-like show from the imagination of a Cirque du Soleil founder”, while Paris Match defined it as “Pure poetry”. Bild in Berlin called Cavalia “A wonderland full of mystery and poetry”, Telecinco in Madrid raved “One of the most beautiful shows in the world”, The Oprah Magazine called the show “Breathtaking!” and Larry King raved, “The best show I have ever seen!”.

[Image Credits to Cavalia]

Delightful, thrilling and poignant, Cavalia explores humankind’s longstanding relationship with the horse. Cavalia’s horse training is based upon a philosophy of understanding horses, rather than making horses understand the humans around them. The tone of the show, embraced by the entire company, is one of mutual respect, kindness, patience, and trust. Audiences have found Cavalia exhilarating in scope, yet touching in the compassion shown by both horse and human.

[Image Credits to Cavalia]

For its exclusive season in Singapore, Cavalia will be presented under its signature White Theatre Tent at Bayfront Avenue, beside the Sands Expo and Convention Centre. Tickets are priced from SGD$58 to SGD$188 + service fees. For guests who desire an extraordinary outing, the show can be customised for an extended experience from SGD$208 to SGD$288, including a Horse Lovers Package that lets patrons tour Cavalia’s stables after the show, and the VIP Rendez-Vous Package that includes a post-show tour of the stables, a cocktail/dinner reception and much more.

We highly recommend that you go for the VIP Rendez-Vous Package if you are planning to make the evening a romantic one for your partner!

Tickets for Cavalia are now on sale at www.cavalia.sg


For more information about the magnificent Cavalia production, do check out Cavalia’s Facebook Page!