car alarm system


Your car is an important part of your life and considering the fact that cars in Singapore cost more than anywhere else in the world; you will definitely want to ensure that it is protected, safe and take precautionary measures to prevent your car from being stolen or damaged in an accident.

Here are some things you should have for your car.

Thieves Alarm System

Most modern cars come with an alarm system built into them, but some older models and 2nd hand cars don’t. If you don’t have one already, then you should consider getting one fitted because having an alarm can deter a potential car thief and prevent your car from being stolen. It is far better to pay for the relatively small cost of having the alarm fitted to prevent the potential theft of your far more expensive car. Plus once you have gotten it fitted, you likely never need to have anything else done the alarm system. 


A lot of people are fitting their cars with various cameras that will record an accident so that they can obtain evidence of a dangerous driver and be able to file an insurance claim more easily. There are car cameras that face the front of the road and also rear view camera systems to check the back. Both are excellent and just having them fitted can mean that your insurance premium could be reduced (a fine example is Direct Asia’s Car Insurance). The reason car cameras protect your car is that they ensure that you have evidence to back up your claims which means that any work that needs to be done after an accident can be done quickly and without you having to pay. 

Steering Wheel Lock

This one is slightly old school but is effective nonetheless (especially for road trips to Malaysia). A steering wheel lock goes through your steering wheel and prevents it from moving unless it is unlocked. This means that if someone did break into your car with the hopes of stealing it, they would have a lot more trouble because they would have to get through another lock. This might buy enough time for the car thief to get caught or it might deter them from trying in the first place.

You can keep the steering wheel lock in your car boot or under your seat. A lot of cars might come with steering wheel protection built in but there is nothing wrong with some added protection. Furthermore, when people see the steering wheel lock, they will know that your car is protected and are far less likely to try to steal it in the first place.

What other ways do you take to protect your car from thieves?
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