brainstorm brand names


Are you working on your branding strategy? Building a brand from scratch is a highly demanding, time-consuming, and comprehensive process, requiring plenty of creativity and skills. Besides creating an appealing logo, companies should also create a brand name. 

Due to a lack of time and creativity, most business owners depend on computer tools to provide them with ideas. For instance, brand name generators use artificial intelligence to offer suggestions to users. When users enter a keyword or multiple keywords, these programs create a list of potential suggestions. 

Learn more about the numerous benefits of using such generators.

It’s Fast and Easy

One of the most important benefits of using a brand name generator is its convenience. All you need to do is select one, visit the website, and enter any word related to your products or services. 

Once you enter a particular word, the generator provides a list of names for you to consider. You can use one of the suggestions to be your company’s name or refer to them for inspiration. If you find the suggestions too generic, you can always use your creative skills to produce a more personalized variant. See this page for some useful tips on creating an impactful brand name.

After the tool provides you with multiple options, spend some time reviewing each suggestion attentively. By using a generator, you’ll be saving plenty of time from having to brainstorm ideas. Therefore, the least you can do is to spend some time reviewing every option. 

Saves Time

Another advantage of using a brand name generator is the opportunity for business owners to save time. The journey of setting up a startup is time-consuming, which means owners don’t have plenty of time at their disposal to brainstorm name ideas. 

Moreover, the procedure of building a business involves numerous tasks, such as funding, branding, hiring personnel, etc. Hence, business owners don’t have to waste hours coming up with ideas.

Brand name generators eliminate all the guesswork by relying on a smart algorithm. These generators provide powerful business name suggestions to attract more attention to a particular company. Although this decision is crucial for the future growth of the business, the options these tools offer are worth the consideration. 

A Wide Range of Categories

Brand name generators provide users with an extensive array of categories with ready-made suggestions. For instance, there are four-letter and five-letter generators for business owners interested in devising short and simple names. Based on your niche, you can choose a tool that creates business names in the field of management, entertainment, food, marketing, education, electronics, e-commerce, cosmetics, import, sports, etc. 

Additionally, users can be offered variants in different languages like English, Spanish, Japanese, French, Turkish, Italian, or Latin. Some of the other common categories include airline, apparel, bank, music, technology, medicine, fashion, organization, royal, etc. You only need to choose a category of preference and wait for the algorithm to generate suggestions. 


If you don’t prefer using the ready-made name variants, you can further customize your search. Most brand name generators offer users the opportunity to apply various features to customize their suggestions. For instance, users can decide on the style, length, number of syllables, and industry, which significantly narrows down their options.

Furthermore, by using the customization features, the generator will minimize the use of generic words. Keep in mind that generic words aren’t your friend when trying to find the ideal name combinations. The target audience’s attention is best captured by uniquely naming a company, which differentiates it from its competitors. This link, https://businesscollective.com/13-creative-ways-to-differentiate-your-business-from-competitors/index.html#, includes thirteen creative ways to differentiate your business from your competitors. 

Useful Features

Besides customization, brand name generators are equipped with numerous helpful features. For instance, it’s normal for business owners to take time to make such crucial branding decisions. Therefore, these tools allow users to star the suggestions they consider most appealing, make a list, and send it to their email addresses. 

Moreover, this type of decision shouldn’t be solely made by business owner themselves. After sending themselves the list of their most preferred business names, they should consult their partner, family members, and friends for an honest opinion. Their reactions are worth monitoring, as it speaks volumes about whether they find the name catchy or not. 

No Risk of Copyright Infringement

Another remarkable benefit of using a brand name generator is reducing the risk of copyright infringement. After years of work, some businesses are sued for using the trademark of another company because they may not have legally purchased their brand names and used a brand name that is already registered. 

Fortunately, these AI tools can help you avoid such situations by flagging the brand names already taken by other firms. Such assistance is invaluable for your business, given the hefty legal expenses and the high costs for rebranding. Read here for a better understanding of the rebranding process.

Other Branding Options

Apart from naming, some brand name generators offer other branding options to users, such as choosing a logo or registering a domain name. Logos are invaluable in branding strategies, as these are a visual representation of brands. Conversely, domains are necessary for establishing a strong digital presence. 

Final Thoughts

Why not use artificial intelligence when finding a name for your company? That way, you won’t have to waste precious time brainstorming ideas and spending weeks to make a choice.