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When it comes to the cycling shorts trend, everyone thinks that Kim Kardashian is the one who started it all. However, the fact is, Princess Diana was the one who first sported this trend. We can say that Kim took a style note from Diana. Way before the Kardashians and It Girls like Gigi Hadid and Hailey Baldwin, members of the British royal family had already started trends. Princess Diana was considered a trendsetter and when it comes to the cycling shorts trend, she was seen wearing this piece of clothing in various combinations many times. Most of the times, she completed her looks with sneakers and oversized sweatshirts.

A photo of Princess Diana wearing white cycling shorts, an oversized crewneck sweater and chunky sneakers has come to light recently, showing the public that Kim Kardashian is not actually the one who started the trend, but the one who resurfaced it.

This is the type of trend you have to love or hate because there is no in between. More and more stars have started to sport it and well-known fashion brands like Fenty have included the article in their collections. When Kim Kardashian started to wear it, no one thought that it would become a piece that everyone would talk about. However, in the last couple of months, more and more celebrities have started to sport looks that feature this piece. And no, there was no bike in sight in their pictures, therefore we have to believe that they are only wearing the shorts for fashion purposes.

But as you can imagine, this is a tricky piece to wear and style, even if celebrities make it look effortless. First, we will check the outfits celebrities have put together, and then we will offer some recommendations.

Princess Diana

The white cycling shorts outfit is not the only one she showed off when heading to yoga classes. She had a collection of bike shorts in different colours that she combined with various sweatshirts and dad sneakers. Her signature style consisted of combining the same pieces but in multiple variations. With this clothing article, she was breaking royal protocol but she did it in style and we can claim that she wore it better than many of the Instagram influencers who are experimenting with bike shorts in trying to put together a unique outfit. They totally fail it, but this is another discussion for another day. Diana kept her looks casual when she worn cycling shorts and her best accessory was her smile; so use her looks as an inspiration and apply less makeup on you.

Kim Kardashian

Although Kim Kardashian and Princess Diana are at opposite poles when it comes to style; they have one thing in common, they both were seen wearing bike shorts. Kim is Yeezy’s brand ambassador and she is often seen wearing monochromatic outfits. One of her outfits included all-grey clothing items like her bike shorts, a hoodie, a long leather jacket and clear sandals.

There was also another time when she decided to wear the shorts with a sports bra and high suede boots. Even if the bike shorts draw attention to her booty, she does not seem to mind it and she completes the look with short jackets. It is important to note that ever since she became a Yeezy day-to-day model, she seems to prefer nude shades, dark greens, black and greys. Therefore, most of her outfits are in these colours.

Kaia Gerber

Everyone considers Kaia Gerber the model of the moment and she couldn’t miss the occasion to wear the hottest item of the moment. However, she is known for her simple and stylish outfits and she pairs the cycling shorts in a way similar to that of Princess Diana- chunky sneakers, a black hoodie and a pair of sunglasses.

Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid is another model who seems to also love this trend. She was seen on multiple occasions pairing bike shorts with different outfits and clothing pieces. One time, she opted for a metallic silver pair of shorts that she paired with strappy heels and a crop top. Another time, she infused the shorts with rock vibes by pairing them with a black shirt and a black and white leather jacket.

Hailey Baldwin

Hailey Baldwin is famous for her stylish choices and no one is surprised to find out that she paired the bike shorts in a fashionable and unique way. She decided to keep things simple and was seen wearing leather bike shorts, a sports bra and an oversized open hoodie. If you are new to this trend, Boutique 1 recommends outfits that are inspired by Hailey. Choose simple but stylish clothing items and wear the outfit on a casual stroll with your friends.

Our Suggestions for Wearing Cycling Shorts Fashionably

Tip #1 Black Shorts and Fitted Blazer

This is a look you can sport on a night out. Pair black bike shorts with a fitted coloured blazer and accentuate your waist with a large belt. Do not forget to complete the look with a black bag and a pair of coloured high heels.

Tip #2 Coloured Shorts and Blazer

If you want to wear the outfit during daytime, you can replace the coloured blazer with a checked one, the high heels with a pair of sneakers and the black shorts with a turquoise one.

Tip #3 Black Outfit

If you want a dramatic look and you are the lucky owner of funny coloured hair, choose a head to toe black outfit.

Tip #4 Shorts with Trainers

The combination of bike shorts and chunky trainers is always a winning one. Wear a pair of black bike leggings, with an oversized silky shirt in a pastel colour, and a silver pair of chunky sneakers.  

Tip #5 Snake Printed Leggings and Shirt

If you want to glam up your outfit, you can combine a pair of black and white snakeskin-print cycling shorts with a white oversized shirt and strappy heels. The snakeskin shorts are perfect for the persons who prefer minimal looks with a twist.