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For all you fans of Betjeman & Barton Singapore, do you know that Betjeman & Barton Singapore has launched an online retail shop where you can purchase your favourite teas with no hassle? Well, if you frequent the physical Betjeman & Barton Singapore tea boutique at Raffles City Shopping Centre, you probably would have some favourite tea flavours in mind and ordering them online would now be so convenient!

In partnership with Betjeman & Barton Singapore, all of our readers will be entitled to a 10% discount when they enter the coupon code, “awinsomelife” before “checking out” their online shopping cart. Furthermore, when you make any purchase, yes any purchase, at the Betjeman & Barton Singapore Online Store, you might just be one of the lucky winner to win a Shooting Star! Now, that’s some extra reasons to shop online for some premium tea collections from Betjeman & Barton.

Last week, we were at the Betjeman & Barton Singapore tea boutique at Raffles City Shopping Centre and there are some new tea selections that tea connoisseurs can look forward to. If you are an adventurous person and you absolutely can’t wait to try new stuffs, heading down to the physical store would be a good idea but be prepared though; you might be so awestruck by the beautiful and intricately-designed tea caddies filled with the goodness and pleasant scents of the tea leaves that you might want to consider buying the whole tea boutique!

When we were there, Agnès Defontaine, one of the co-owners of Betjeman & Barton, flew specially from France to Singapore and conducted a small tea tasting session and we certainly learnt a lot about tea from her.

Sampling some lovely tea during the tea tasting session at Betjeman & Barton Singapore.

It was overall an enjoyable session with Agnès and should you be interested in such tea tasting session, do subscribe to Betjeman & Barton Singapore’s Newsletter or alternatively, check out Betjeman & Barton Singapore’s Facebook Page.

With exactly 10 more days to Christmas, should you still be cracking your head for Christmas gift ideas, how about getting some premium tea collections from Betjeman & Barton Singapore? We’re pretty sure your tea-loving friends will adore you for that!

Betjeman & Barton is a tea boutique that was started in France in 1919 and they sell over 200 varieties of tea. With over 20 outlets across France, Holland, Switzerland, Belgium, Canada and even Japan; Betjeman & Barton is more than a century-old name.
For many years, Betjeman & Barton relied on pioneers with an entrepreneurial spirit and they have established the company’s reputation and credentials of tea “à la française”. If you’re wondering what’s “à la française”, it basically means “in the manner/style of the French”.

Offering the finest teas from the world’s greatest gardens and plantations, tea lovers like yourself can now enjoy the wide range of tea selections from Betjeman & Barton right here in the little island of Singapore!

Located at Raffles City Shopping Centre [#B1-33], the shop front of Betjeman & Barton exudes a very charming and welcoming Parisian outlook and upon stepping in, you can see rows of interesting and colourful tea caddies that are all neatly lined up on the shelves.

For the Betjeman & Barton Tea Boutique in Singapore, they carry 100 over varieties of tea collections and there are plans to bring in even more varieties. The tea collections from Betjeman & Barton are mainly grouped into 4 different types; the reds, the greens, the blacks, and the whites. If you have problems deciding on a particular tea blend, knowing your personal tea preference would help you make a better decision. However, if you are unsure and you need some recommendations, the service staffs from Betjeman & Barton will be glad to assist you.

If you are new to tea or if you belong to the Millennium Generation, your idea of tea would probably be those that come in the forms of tea bags for example, “Lipton”. Now, those type of teas are sometimes considered inferior because the tea leaves used are of a lower grade and quality. However, we’re not saying that all teas that come in tea bags are inferior. For Betjeman & Barton, the tea leaves used in their nylon tea bags are of the same type and quality as those that are in the tea caddies. Each of their tea bags contains 2 grams of tea leaves to be exact and that is the same amount of tea leaves used for steeping even if you purchase loose tea leaves. Hence, you get the same type and quality of tea, whether you purchase loose tea leaves or the tea bags.

For the tea connoisseurs, you would probably purchase loose tea leaves and if you’re the sort of person whom enjoys hosting tea parties at home, you might want to consider getting the intricately-designed caddies which you can display at home to impress your guests with your other extensive collections of tea, while at the same time, use it to store your loose tea leaves.

In case you’re wondering about the storage of tea leaves, they can be kept for 2-3 years in a cool and dry place. Do also make sure that the tea leaves are not exposed to light. If you are serious about keeping your tea properly, you can also purchase a tea storage box from Betjeman & Barton!

Apart from tea leaves, the Betjeman & Barton Tea Boutique at Raffles City Shopping Centre also carry teapots and tea accessories such as tea infusers and tea strainers.

Tea Infuser

Tea Strainers

The hand-crafted teapots are directly imported from England and they are unique because no one teapot is the same.

And since Christmas is just round the corner, we’re pretty sure you will be able to find a suitable gift that will delight all your tea-loving friends.

If you are still clueless about what teas to get, here’s a list of the 5 best-selling teas at Betjeman & Barton; they are:

1. Pouchkine

The recipe is secret since its creation 40 years ago. Like a magical elixir, its taste is a reminiscence of Russia and it is forever the oldest and most enjoyed Betjeman & Barton tea; loved by the company itself and its faithful customers throughout the world.

2. Autumn Blend

One of Betjeman & Barton’s most successful creations ! Figs, grapes, quinces, nuts, raisins and sunflower petals create a warm and intimate atmosphere on a base of black teas. It is a tea you will enjoy by the fireside, while looking at the falling leaves.

3. Parlez Moi d’Amour [Speak To Me Of Love]

When the heady jasmine, velvety raspberry, sunny orange flavours and ylang-ylang essential oils are combined with a green tea, it is more than an intoxicating potion for a night of love. As Lucienne Boyer used to sing it, they are “tender things” and we are never tired of “hearing” them. Truly, this is a tea to be savoured together!

4. Rooibos Stracciatella

Red tea from South Africa perfumed with chocolate, vanilla, pieces of dark chocolate, and coconuts.

5. Lundi Light! [Monday Light!]
This unique tea combines green tea, oil of lemon, ginger and lemongrass from Mexico. Perfect for reviving your energy and peps and for driving away the blues! A real delight when drunk iced!


A brand of excellence tinged with originality and coupled with a desire to offer products that meet the most intimate wishes of each visitor, Betjeman & Barton definitely has a multitude of teas to delight and enchant! Do feel free to browse around the Betjeman & Barton Tea Boutique at Raffles City Shopping Centre and take a whiff of the blended perfumed teas that are available.

Also, for a limited time only, you will receive a complimentary Tea Pouch with every purchase; while stocks last!

Hurry & go check out the Betjeman & Barton Tea Boutique at Raffles City Shopping Centre to get your tea-cravings fixed and if you would like to be kept updated about the latest promotions and offers, don’t forget to “like” Betjeman & Barton Singapore’s Facebook Page!

Happy Tea-ing!