artisanal bakery cafe


If you are a café hopping enthusiast and you absolutely enjoy European styled bread and pastries, you ought to visit Bread & Hearth, an artisanal bakery café at 18 Keong Saik Road that opened recently.

When we first stepped into Bread & Hearth, the sweet and buttery aroma of the freshly baked breads and pastries consumed us and we just could not wait to try some of the delicious-looking breads.

The ambience is warm and cosy and the interior décor and furnishings match the contemporary European theme of the café.

In all honesty, we felt that the dining space was a little tight and crammed for us but well, it wasn’t that bad because they have a separate dining area from the main dining floor.

We were quite privileged to be able to enter their kitchen for a mini-tour and we saw how the breads and pastries were made using only the finest ingredients. A great emphasis is placed on using age-old bread-making techniques, which may be time consuming, but yields distinct results that discerning gourmands will surely appreciate.

We saw for ourselves how the dough for croissants were being made using top quality butter and we were mightily impressed because a lot of effort and consideration have been put in place to ensure that the butter does not melt while being layered into the dough despite the hot and humid weather we have here in Singapore.

A café would not be complete if there aren’t any beverages served. Though we felt that the prices for Bread & Hearth’s beverages were a little steep as compared to their freshly baked goods; the truth is, almost every cafés that we have been to have their beverages priced really high.

At Bread & Hearth, they serve organic soft drinks like these…

and other hot beverages like coffee and tea. The Barista at Bread & Hearth is very skilful in crafting latte art and though we fancied our coffee to be well-decorated, we would also have preferred our coffee to be richer and more flavourful.

The breads and pastries are reasonably priced and they are served with Bread & Hearth’s homemade jam. We have tried a few of Bread & Hearth’s freshly baked goods and we love the breads more than the tarts because the breads were soft and fluffy while the tarts were slightly too hard.

If you ask us for our recommendation, you must absolutely try their signature croissant! It is the best croissant we have ever tried so far and it beats Delifrance hands down! The croissant is flaky and crisp; and every bite is just so yummy!

Bread & Hearth opens daily from 0800am to 0930pm and what’s more, they are now offering a 10% discount off all bakes and drinks. The promotion ends 30 June 2014 so hurry down and try out their fresh bakes; especially their yummy signature croissant! 

Do check out Bread & Hearth’s Official Website and like Bread & Hearth’s Facebook Page for more information!